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Victim(s) or The Victim may refer to:


* Crime victim * Victim, in psychotherapy, a posited role in the Karpman drama triangle model of transactional analysis

Films and television

* ''The Victim'' (1916 film), an American silent film by the Fox Film Corporation starring vamp Valeska Suratt * ''The Victim'' (1930 film), an American film starring Esther Howard * ''Victim'' (1961 film), a British drama film featuring Dirk Bogarde * ''The Victim'' (1972 film), an television film produced for American Broadcasting Company * ''The Victim'' (1980 film), a Hong Kong film directed by and starring Sammo Hung * ''Victim'' (1999 film), a Hong Kong film directed by Ringo Lam * ''The Victim'' (2006 film), a Thai horror-thriller film written by Monthon Arayangkoon * ''Victim'' (2010 film), an American indie film directed by Matt Eskandari * ''The Victim'' (2011 film), an American horror film written by and starring Michael Biehn * ''The Victim'' (2012 film), a Konkani theatrical film * ''Victims'' (film), a 1982 American television film * ''Victim'' (2011 film), a British action drama film written by and starring Ashley Chin * ''The Victim'' (2019 TV series), a Scottish miniseries starring Kelly Macdonald and John Hannah * ''Victim'' (web series), 2022 Indian Tamil-language anthology thriller series


* ''The Victim'' (novel), a 1947 Saul Bellow novel * '' Victim: The Other Side of Murder'', a 1980 book by Gary Kinder * ''The Victim'', the American title for Gabriele D'Annunzio's 1892 novel '' The Intruder'' * ''The Victim'', a 1914 novel about Jefferson Davis by Thomas Dixon, Jr.


* Victim (Belfast band), punk band originally on Good Vibrations (record label), subsequently based in Manchester * Victims (band), hardcore punk/d-beat band from Sweden * The Victims (Australian band), punk music band from Perth, Western Australia * ''Victim'' (album), 1996 album by Gojira * ''Victims'' (Steel Pulse album), 1991 album * ''Victims'' (Lucky Dube album), 1993 album * "Victims" (song), by Culture Club, 1983 * "Victim" (Eighteen Visions song), 2006 * "Victim" (Sevi song), 2012 * "Victim", by Avenged Sevenfold from the album ''
Nightmare A nightmare, also known as a bad dream, Retrieved 11 July 2016. is an unpleasant dream that can cause a strong emotional response from the mind, typically fear but also despair, anxiety or great sadness. The dream may contain situations of ...
'', 2010 * "Victim", by Devin Townsend from the album ''
Physicist A physicist is a scientist who specializes in the field of physics, which encompasses the interactions of matter and energy at all length and time scales in the physical universe. Physicists generally are interested in the root or ultimate caus ...
'', 2000 * "Victim", by Esmée Denters from the album '' Outta Here'', 2009 * "Victim", by Kate DeAraugo from the album '' A Place I've Never Been'', 2005 * "Victims", by Lacuna Coil from the album '' Broken Crown Halo'', 2014 * "The Victim", by Juliana Hatfield from the album '' Juliana's Pony: Total System Failure'', 2000 * "The Victim", by Memphis May Fire from the album '' The Hollow'', 2011

Other uses

* Victim cache, a special cache used in modern microprocessors * The Victim (racehorse), a competitor in the 1849 Grand National steeplechase

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Victimisation Victimisation ( or victimization) is the process of being victimised or becoming a victim. The field that studies the process, rates, incidence, effects, and prevalence of victimisation is called victimology. Peer victimisation Peer victimisat ...
Victimology Victimology is the study of victimization, including the psychological effects on victims, the relationship between victims and offenders, the interactions between victims and the criminal justice system—that is, the police and courts, and ...
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