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VENUS FLY TRAP are a British alternative rock band formed in Northampton
in the late 1980s. They released five studio albums between 1988 and 1997, and released another in 2004.


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The band was formed by Alex Novak (vocals, formerly of Religious Overdose, Attrition, and The Tempest) and John Novak (guitar, vocals, formerly Where's Lisse?), and Tony Booker on bass guitar prior to their debut twelve-inch single "Morphine" in March 1988.

A further single followed later that year - the three-track Desolation Railway 12 inch EP - before they signed to French label Danceteria and released their debut mini album Mars in 1988, collecting tracks from the earlier singles alongside several new numbers.

The band's lineup changed frequently, with key members including guitarists Curtis Johnson and John Novak, Dave Freak (guitar, percussion, vocals) and Chris Evans (bass). Their next album, Totem, was released in late 1989, preceded by a single featuring a cover version of Suicide 's "Rocket USA" produced by Kevin Haskins (Love ">

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