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Venus Fly Trap are a British alternative rock band formed in Northampton in the late 1980s. They released five studio albums between 1988 and 1997, and released another in 2004.


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History[edit] The band was formed by Alex Novak (vocals, formerly of Religious Overdose, Attrition, and The Tempest) and John Novak (guitar, vocals, formerly Where's Lisse?), and Tony Booker on bass guitar prior to their debut twelve-inch single "Morphine" in March 1988.[1] A further single followed later that year - the three-track Desolation Railway 12 inch EP - before they signed to French label Danceteria and released their debut mini album Mars in 1988, collecting tracks from the earlier singles [1] alongside several new numbers. The band's lineup changed frequently, with key members including guitarists Curtis Johnson and John Novak, Dave Freak (guitar, percussion, vocals) and Chris Evans (bass). Their next album, Totem, was released in late 1989, preceded by a single featuring a cover version of Suicide's "Rocket USA" [1] produced by Kevin Haskins (Love & Rockets/ Bauhaus) and featuring The Jazz Butcher. During this period the band played across the UK and Europe, and supported a variety of acts including Spacemen 3, Tom Verlaine, The Mission, and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. [2] A Czechoslovakia-only live album was released in late 1991 and Pandora's Box followed in 1992, their last studio album for Danceteria, although the label issued a compilation of the band's work later that year.[1] The original line-up split up, although Novak reformed the band with Gary Lennon (guitar), Neil Ridley (bass) and Andy Denton (drums), releasing the album Luna Tide in early 1995.[3] They toured extensively in Europe where they had a large fanbase, and released their last album for seven years, Dark Amour, in 1997. Novak also released more electronic-oriented music under the names Nova Galaxie Robotnik and Novak State Conspiracy (with Simon Coleby).[1] By the 2000s the permanent members were down to Novak and Denton, who released Zenith in 2004. Musical style[edit] The band described their sound as "Bladerunner sci-fi rock 'n' roll mixed with acidic cinematic visions".[3] MC5 and The Stooges were other reference points while the use of drum-machine on early singles recalls Sisters Of Mercy. They have been characterised as experimental rock, drawing comparisons to Christian Death,[3] also being compared to Joy Division, with goth rock influences.[1] Novak's vocals were often compared to Jim Morrison.[3] Allmusic described their sound as "darkened noise that's accompanied by a flowing of sense of bleak, electronic rhythm".[4] Discography[edit] Albums[edit]

Mars (1988), Danceteria - expanded edition released 2007 Totem (1989), Danceteria Pandora's Box (1992), Danceteria Luna Tide (1995), Spectre Dark Amour (1997), Soundbuster Zenith (2004), Big Blue Nemesis(2011), Big Blue

Live albums

Jewel - Live In Prague (1991), A.Z.Y.L.


Shedding Another Skin (1992), Danceteria Anthology of the Food (2001), Spiral Archive Metamorphosis 1987 - 2007 (2007), Big Blue

Singles and EPs[edit]

"Morphine" (1988), Tuesday "Desolation Railway" (1988), Tuesday "Rocket USA" (1989), Danceteria Europa EP (1990), Danceteria "Achilles Heel" (1991), Danceteria


Celluloid (2006)


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Official website Venus Fly Trap on Myspace

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