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High Cross is the name given to the crossroads of the Roman roads of Watling Street and Fosse Way in Leicestershire, England. It is about a mile west of the village of Claybrooke Magna and was in the hundred of Guthlaxton.[citation needed] It was the site of a Romano-British settlement known as Venonae or Venonis, with a nearby fort.

A map of the known Roman road network, highlighting the routes included in the Antonine Itinerary

In modern times, this section of Watling Street is now a dual carriageway section of the A5, the southern part of the Fosse Way is a B road, and the northern route of the Fosse is now a track which is a part of a long-distance path called the Leicestershire Round.[citation needed] External links[edit]

Venonis The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, Vol. X, No. 272, published 8 September 1827

Coordinates: 52°29′36″N 1°18′07″W / 52.49325°N 1.30182°W /