Hi, my name is Thiago "Ogat" Spinardi, I'm a Brazilian Film Screenwriter, Director, Editor, Vfx compositor and Book/Comics Writer. I also collect video games (main collection) and films, books, comics, magazines (sporadically).

About my contributions, in articles my focus is mainly on correcting errors, data, information, and cleaning up long texts making it easier to read. Since I´m "addicted" to organization and I really love making information easy to be understood, much of my contributions are focused on creating and organizing categories, lists, templates, navboxes, etc. Those are the 3 branchs of themes on wich I like to contribute:

  1. Editing articles on those subjects above (games, films, books, comics, pop culture, multimedia franchises), on the production and collection aspects.
  2. I also like subjects like Liberty, Equality, Freedom, Open-source, Free Culture and Peace (wich in turn sometimes leades me to Political & Ideologies subjects as well as Social Science, History and Geography), wich leads me to contribute to artciles and templates on those subjects too.
  3. And, in a FAR more broad sense, I simply like studying and understanding the world, reality, existence, consciousness, nature, universe, etc, wich leads me to love Science in all it´s branchs like, physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, sociology and all it´s material and imaterial systems! Yes, this part is trully in a very broad sense. Even I´m not being part of the academic world, not being a scientist and don´t wanting to become one, I just love to understand the world we live in all of it´s aspects, from the smallest to the biggest. So, I also like to contribute to templates and articles about... Everything. ^^

So here are 3 subpages where you´ll find templates that I like to contribute, some of wich I created (arranged from Wide to Specific topics):

  1. Templates on World: Existence, Reality, Systems, Nature, Life, Consciousness
  2. Templates on Social Subjects: Equality, Justice, Liberty, Freedom, Stability, Balance, Equilibrium, Harmony, Peace and Solidarity
  3. Templates on Communication, Entertainment, Fiction (Storytelling, Narrative) and Indie & Corporative Media (Art, Cinema, Comics, Video Game)

And here are all the pages and templates that I created:

Ogat 15:29, 30 January 2019 (UTC)