Rater aids in assessing articles with {{WikiProject Whatever}} templates. It places a "Rate" button next to the watchlist switch, which brings up a dialog box assisting with article assessment. In addition to that, when visiting a category of unassessed articles, Rater changes links in the category to point to their respective article pages, rather than talk pages.

Warning: Rater is currently in a somewhat unstable state; it is advisable to check the preview, raw source editor or refresh the talk page to check whether the tool works correctly. Browsers other than Chromium have not been tested. There are missing features and the UI is still subject to random changes. Consider adding the script to your watchlist. To make sure you use the latest version, WP:BYPASS your browser cache.


Push the "Install" button in the infobox and save the page. Alternatively, you can manually copy and paste the following into Special:MyPage/common.js:

importScript('User:Kephir/gadgets/rater.js'); // [[User:Kephir/gadgets/rater]]

Hit list

  • refactor — rewritten completely, though I am less satisfied with it than I should be.
    • polish up quick and dirty workarounds and ad-hoc regexes
    • give variables some more descriptive names (st is particularly egregious)
  • data for more projects; remove templates not invoking {{WPBannerMeta}}
    • dynamic data generation when no data is available(?)
    • data taken from wiki pages, rather than kept with the script
  • smarter template suggestions
  • polish summary generation
  • adding custom template parameters
  • "advanced" mode with a textarea to manually enter wikicode
  • edit summary customisation
  • preview
  • deleting template parameters
  • wrapping multiple banners into {{WikiProjectBannerShell}}
  • think about how to handle B-class checklists
  • parse comments inside template invocations sensibly
  • adding templates other than assessment(?)
  • highlighting the "Rate" tab when an article lacks assessment for any project
  • configurability
  • make it pretty (maybe MediaWiki:Gadget-morebits.js will be of help?)

Bugs can be reported on Keφr's or the tool's talkpage.

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