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UNSERDEUTSCH ("Our German"), or RABAUL CREOLE GERMAN, is a German -based creole language that originated in Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
. It was formed among the New Guinean children residing in a German -run orphanage in what was then German New Guinea
German New Guinea
. About 100 native speakers survive today, most of whom migrated to Australia
after Papua New Guinea's independence in 1975.

Most speakers of Unserdeutsch are bilingual ; speaking either Standard German , English , Tok Pisin or Kuanua . Most speakers are middle-aged or older, although younger members of the community may comprehend the language. The descendant of a pidginised form of Standard German which originated in the Gazelle Peninsula
Gazelle Peninsula
of New Britain during German colonial times among the Catholic mixed-race (Vunapope) community. With increased mobility and intermarriage, it has been disappearing in the last few decades.

Unserdeutsch presumably influenced the development of its neighbour, Tok Pisin . Unlike Namibian Black German in Namibia
, it is a creole; indeed, it is the only creole that developed from colonial German.


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