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Ŭnjŏng-guyŏk, or Ŭnjŏng District is one of the 19 guyŏk that constitute Pyongyang, North Korea. Administrative divisions[edit] Ŭnjŏng-guyŏk is divided into 4 tong (neighbourhoods):

Kwahak 1-dong 과학1동 Kwahak 2-dong 과학2동 Paesan-dong 배산동 Kwangmyŏng-dong 광명동


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Chung Hyŏngjesan Man'gyŏngdae Moranbong Pot'onggang P'yŏngch'ŏn Rangrang Ryŏkp'o Ryongsŏng Sadong Samsŏk Sŏn'gyo Sŏsŏng Sunan Taedonggang Taesŏng Tongdaewŏn Ŭnjŏng



Coordinates: 39°12′06″N 125°50′51″E / 39.201656°N 125.847616°E / 39.201656; 125.847616

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