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Understand This Is a Dream is the debut album by Greensburg, Pennsylvania Rock band, The Juliana Theory, released on March 23, 1999 by Tooth and Nail Records. Track listing[edit]

"This Is Not a Love Song" - 3:13 "Duane Joseph" - 4:01 "August in Bethany" - 4:21 "Music Box Superhero" - 4:27 "Seven Forty Seven" - 3:03 "The Closest Thing" - 4:09 "Show Me the Money" - 4:28 "For Evangeline" - 5:03 "P.S. We'll Call You When We Get There" - 3:07 "Constellation" - 6:34 "Farewell My Friend" - 2:44 (Vinyl Only Track)

Critical reception[edit] Doug Van Pelt from HM Magazine stated that "If you like the infectious pop of Plankeye, and appreciate that it's dirty and groove-filled rather than compressed and polished (the "Nashville treatment"), [you] will love The Juliana Theory."[2][3] References[edit]

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