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The Under Secretary of the Navy
Under Secretary of the Navy
is the second-highest ranking civilian official in the United States Department of the Navy. The Under Secretary, called the "Under" in Pentagon slang, reports to the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV). Under Secretaries of the Navy, 1940–present[1][edit]

Name Assumed Office Left Office President Appointed By Secretary Served Under

James V. Forrestal August 22, 1940 May 16, 1944 Franklin D. Roosevelt Frank Knox

Ralph A. Bard June 24, 1944 June 30, 1945 James Forrestal

Artemus Gates July 3, 1945 December 31, 1945 Harry S. Truman

John L. Sullivan June 17, 1946 September 18, 1947

W. John Kenney September 19, 1947 September 24, 1949 John L. Sullivan

Dan A. Kimball May 25, 1949 July 31, 1951 Francis P. Matthews

Francis P. Whitehair August 7, 1951 January 29, 1953 Dan A. Kimball

Charles S. Thomas February 9, 1953 August 5, 1953 Dwight D. Eisenhower Robert B. Anderson

Thomas S. Gates Jr. October 7, 1953 April 1, 1957 Robert B. Anderson, Charles Thomas

William B. Franke April 17, 1957 June 7, 1959 Thomas S. Gates Jr.

Fred A. Bantz June 8, 1959 January 20, 1961 William B. Franke

Paul B. Fay February 16, 1961 January 15, 1965 John F. Kennedy John Connally, Fred Korth, Paul Nitze

Kenneth E. BeLieu February 26, 1965 July 1965 Lyndon B. Johnson Paul Nitze

Robert H. B. Baldwin July 2, 1965 July 31, 1967

Charles F. Baird August 1, 1967 January 20, 1969 Paul Robert Ignatius

John Warner February 11, 1969 May 4, 1972 Richard Nixon John Chafee

Frank P. Sanders May 5, 1972 June 29, 1973 John Warner

J. William Middendorf August 3, 1973 June 20, 1974

David S. Potter August 28, 1974 April 1, 1976 Gerald Ford J. William Middendorf

David R. Macdonald September 14, 1976 February 4, 1977

R. James Woolsey Jr. March 9, 1977 December 7, 1979 Jimmy Carter W. Graham Claytor Jr.

Robert J. Murray February 7, 1980 September 29, 1981 Edward Hidalgo, John Lehman

James F. Goodrich September 29, 1981 August 6, 1987 Ronald Reagan John Lehman

Henry L. Garrett III August 6, 1987 May 15, 1989 Jim Webb, William L. Ball

J. Daniel Howard August 7, 1989 January 20, 1993 George H. W. Bush Henry L. Garrett III, Sean O'Keefe

Richard J. Danzig November 29, 1993 May 30, 1997 Bill Clinton John Howard Dalton

Jerry MacArthur Hultin November 13, 1997 July 14, 2000 John Howard Dalton, Richard Danzig

Robert B. Pirie Jr. October 12, 2000 June 6, 2001 Richard Danzig

Susan M. Livingstone July 26, 2001 February 28, 2003 George W. Bush Gordon R. England

Dionel M. Aviles October 8, 2004 May 19, 2009 Gordon R. England, Donald C. Winter

Robert O. Work May 19, 2009 March 22, 2013 Barack Obama Ray Mabus

Janine A. Davidson March 17, 2016 January 20, 2017

Thomas P. Dee (acting) February 17, 2017[2] December 4, 2017 Donald Trump Richard V. Spencer

Thomas B. Modly December 4, 2017 present


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United States Department of the Navy


Cabinet level

Stoddert Smith Hamilton Jones Crowninshield S Thompson Southard Branch L. Woodbury Dickerson Paulding Badger Upshur Henshaw Gilmer Mason Bancroft Mason Preston Graham Kennedy Dobbin Toucey Welles Borie Robeson R Thompson Goff Hunt Chandler Whitney Tracy Herbert Long Moody Morton Bonaparte Metcalf Newberry Meyer Daniels Denby Wilbur Adams Swanson Edison Knox Forrestal

Dept. of Defense

Sullivan Matthews Kimball Anderson Thomas T. Gates Franke Connally Korth Nitze Ignatius Chafee Warner Middendorf Claytor Hidalgo Lehman Webb Ball Garrett O'Keefe Dalton Danzig England Winter Mabus Spencer

Under Secretaries

Forrestal Bard A. Gates Sullivan Kenney Kimball Whitehair Thomas T. Gates Franke Bantz Fay BeLieu Baldwin Baird Warner Sanders Middendorf Potter Macdonald Woolsey Murray Goodrich Garrett Howard Danzig Hultin Pirie Livingstone Aviles Work Davidson Modly

Assistant Secretaries


Fox Faxon Soley McAdoo T. Roosevelt Sr. Allen Hackett Darling Newberry Satterlee Winthrop F. Roosevelt G. Woodbury T. Roosevelt Jr. Robinson Jahncke H. Roosevelt Edison Compton Bard Hensel Kenney Andrews Koehler Askins Fogler


Financial Management and Comptroller Installations and Environment Manpower and Reserve Affairs Research, Development and Acquisitions General Counsel of the Navy defunct:

Air Installations and Logistics Material Research and Development Research, Engineering and Systems Shipbuilding and Logistics

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United States Navy

Portal Category


Secretary of the Navy Under Secretary of the Navy Chief of Naval Operations Vice Chief of Naval Operations Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy 4-star admirals House Armed Services Subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Forces Senate Subcommittee on Seapower


Navy Navy Reserve Fleet Marine Force Expeditionary Combat Command Merchant Marine

Units Aircraft wings Aircraft squadrons Carrier strike group Installations Naval Observatory Master jet base

Operating forces

Fleet Forces Command Pacific Fleet Naval Forces Europe Naval Forces Central Command Naval Forces Southern Command Naval Special
Warfare Command Naval Reserve Forces Operational Test and Evaluation Force Naval Network Warfare Command Military Sealift Command


Naval Sea Systems Command Naval Air Systems Command Naval Facilities Engineering Command Naval Supply Systems Command Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Fleet Cyber Command Naval Academy Naval Education and Training
Command Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command Office of Naval Intelligence Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center Naval Legal Service Command Naval Observatory Navy Occupational Safety & Health Bureau of Naval Personnel Chief of Naval Personnel Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Navy Installations Command


Third Fleet Fourth Fleet Fifth Fleet Sixth Fleet Seventh Fleet Tenth Fleet



Aircraft carriers Airships Amphibious warfare ships Auxiliaries Battleships Cruisers Destroyers Destroyer escorts Escort carriers Frigates Mine warfare vessels Monitors Patrol vessels Sailing frigates Steam frigates Steam gunboats Ships of the line Sloops of war Submarines Torpedo boats

Personnel and training



Insignia Designators


Rates Ratings Classification


Chaplain Corps

Chief Deputy Chief

Explosive ordnance disposal Medical Corps Dental Corps Nurse Corps Medical Service Corps Supply Corps Civil Engineer Corps JAG Corps


NCIS Boatswain's mates Hospital corpsman Naval Aviator SEALs Seabees Master-at-arms Operations specialist SWCCs Hispanic sailors


Recruit Naval Academy Officer Candidate School STA-21 NROTC BESS BFTT CNATT COMPTUEX NAWCTSD AIM Naval Chaplaincy School Naval Hospital Corps School Naval Justice School Naval Postgraduate School United States Armed Forces School of Music Navy Senior Enlisted Academy Navy Supply Corps School Naval War College Nuclear Power School JMTC TOPGUN USNTPS Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences


Uniforms Awards and decorations Badges Current fleet Reserve fleet Aircraft Weapons Naval reactors

History and traditions

History "Anchors Aweigh" Blue Angels Ceremonial Barge Chesapeake Continental Navy Ensign Fleet bands Fleet Week Jack Line-crossing ceremony National Museum Navy Band Navy Flag Navy Hymn Navy Memorial Navy service numbers Navy Weeks Revolt of the Admirals Sailor's Creed Ship commissioning Ship decommissioning Tingey House USS Constitution Wetting-down United States battleship retirement debate

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United States Marine Corps


Secretary of the Navy Under Secretary of the Navy Commandant of the Marine Corps Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Marine Corps generals United States Congress

House Subcommittee on Seapower and Expeditionary Forces Senate Subcommittee on Seapower

Major commands

Organization of the Marine Corps Headquarters Marine Corps Marine Forces Command

II Marine Expeditionary Force

Marine Forces Pacific

I Marine Expeditionary Force III Marine Expeditionary Force

Marine Forces Reserve Fleet Marine Force

Atlantic Pacific

Marine Corps Combat Development Command

Small Wars Center and Irregular Warfare Integration Division (SWC/IWID) Operations Analysis Directorate (OAD) Training
& Education Command (TECOM) United States Marine Corps
United States Marine Corps
Warfighting Laboratory


Marine Air-Ground Task Force Bases Battalions Regiments Brigades Divisions MEF/Corps Marine aviation Marine expeditionary unit Special

Marine Raiders Marine Raider Regiment


Force Division

Personnel and training


Personnel Rank insignia MOS Notable Marines Historical Marines Marine Astronauts Criminal Investigation Division Judge Advocate Division Chaplain of the Marine Corps Associated organizations


Training Recruit Training School of Infantry Officer Candidates School The Basic School Martial Arts Program

Uniforms and equipment

Uniforms Awards Badges Weapons Vehicles and aircraft Individual equipment

History and traditions

History Culture Acronyms and terms Birthday Ball Eagle, Globe, and Anchor Flag Marine Band Drum and Bugle Corps Marine One Silent Drill Platoon White House Sentries Service Numbers Marine Corps War Memorial Marines' Hymn National Museum Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima Rifleman's Creed Semper Fidelis History of Hispanics in the USMC History of women in the USMC

Women's Reserve

Honorary Marine Toys for Tots