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Una and UNA may refer to:


160 Una Una (minor planet designation: 160 Una) is a fairly large and dark, primitive Asteroid belt, Main belt asteroid that was discovered by German-American astronomer Christian Heinrich Friedrich Peters, C. H. F. Peters on February 20, 1876, in Clinton ...
, the asteroid "Una", an asteroid named after the Faerie Queene character * Una River (disambiguation), numerous rivers * Una, Himachal Pradesh, a town in India ** Una (Himachal Pradesh Assembly constituency), the state assembly constituency centered around the town ** Una District ** Una Himachal railway station * Una, Gujarat, a town in India ** Una (Gujarat Vidhan Sabha constituency) * Una, Mississippi, an unincorporated community in the United States * Una, Bahia, a town in Brazil * Uña, a municipality in Castile-La Mancha, Spain * Una National Park, Bosnia and Herzegovina


* Úna, an Irish given name ** Oona, an Irish given name (Anglicised spelling of ''Úna'') ** Oonagh, an Irish given name (Anglicised spelling of ''Úna'') * Ùna, a Scots-Gaelic given name * Saint Hunna (aka St. Una) (d. 679) a French saint

Women with the given name

* Una Abell-Brinker (1874–1952), American actress *Una Stella Abrahamson (1922–1999), English-born Canadian artist and writer *Una Baines (born 1957), British keyboard player and member of The Fall * Una Budd (born 1975), Irish cricketer * Una Carter (1890–1954), New Zealand cookbook writer and demonstration chef * Una Damon, South Korean-American actress * Una Hale (1922–2005), Australian operatic soprano * Una Hanbury (1904–1990), American sculptor * Una Harkin (born 1983), Irish footballer * Una Healy (born 1981), Irish singer and member of The Saturdays * Una B. Herrick (1863–1950), American educator * Una Hunt (born 1876), American writer * Una Jagose, lawyer and Queen's Counsel from New Zealand * Una Marson (1905–1965), Jamaican feminist, activist and writer * Una Merkel (1903–1986), American stage, film, radio, and television actress * Una Morris (born 1947), Jamaican sprinter * Una O'Brien, British senior civil servant * Una O'Connor (actress) (1880–1959), Irish actress * Úna O'Connor (camogie) (born 1938), former Irish camogie player * Una Pope-Hennessy (1875–1949), British writer and historian * Una Ross, 25th Baroness de Ros, Una Ross (1879–1956), 25th Baroness de Ros of Helmsley, British peer * Una Stubbs (1937–2021), English actress

Fictional characters

* Una, a character in ''The Faerie Queene'' by Edmund Spenser * Una, one codename of the DC Comics superheroine Luornu Durgo * Una (Stardust), Una (''Stardust''), a character in ''Stardust'' by Neil Gaiman * Una, the name of Number One (Star Trek), Number One in ''Star Trek''


* Una (butterfly), ''Una'' (butterfly), a genus of butterflies * Una virus, an arbovirus widely distributed in South America


* ''Una'', a novel by Momo Kapor * ''The Una'', a woman's rights magazine founded by Caroline Healey Dall and Paulina Kellogg Wright Davis


* UNA (band), ''UNA'' (band), eletronica band * Una (song), "Una" (song) a song by Sponge Cola


* Una-class submarine, ''Una''-class submarine, a class of Yugoslav midget submarines * Ukrainian People's Army, the military of a short-lived Ukrainian Republic, also called the Ukrainian National Army * Ukrainian National Army, a formation in the Wehrmacht

Political groups

* United for a New Alternative, the political alliance in Argentina * United Nationalist Alliance, a political alliance in the Philippines * United Negros Alliance, a local political party in Negros Occidental, Philippines


* Universidad Nacional de las Artes, Argentina * Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Paraguay * University of North Alabama, US * Universidad Nacional del Altiplano de Puno, Universidad Nacional del Altiplano or Universidad Nacional del Altiplano de Puno (UNAP), Peru * University of the Netherlands Antilles, now the University of Curaçao

Organizations and companies

* VV UNA, a Dutch football club from Veldhoven * UNA Hotels & Resorts, Italian hotel chain * United Nations Association * United Nurses Association * Ukrainian National Association

Other uses

* North American Union, Union of North America * Unique name assumption * Una (film), ''Una'' (film), a 2016 British film * Una language * Una (prefix)-, a purported SI prefix * , operated by the Hudson's Bay Company from 1849–1852, see Hudson's Bay Company vessels

See also

* * Una-Una, Indonesia; an island * Uma (disambiguation) * Yuna (disambiguation) * Unas (disambiguation) {{disambiguation, geo, given name, school