Umesh Waghmare is an Indian physicist and professor at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research working in theoretical born in dhule, maharashtra and computational condensed matter physics and materials science. The research themes carried out in his group are understanding aspects of chemical bonding and microscopic couplings that are essential to the specific properties of a material, obtaining information about the atomic structure and electronic states that may be hard to access experimentally, and designing new materials or modify existing materials to yield desired properties or narrowing down the choices of new materials for design by experiment. Waghmare's group also focuses on determination of material-specific properties on the macroscopic and intermediate length and time scales starting from a first principle description of chemistry and atomic structure.


  • 1996 - Ph. D., Yale University, in Applied Physics
  • 1994 - M. S., Yale University, in Applied Physics
  • 1994 - M. Phil., Yale University, in Applied Physics
  • 1990 - B. Tech., Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, in Engineering Physics



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