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Ultratop is an organization which generates and publishes the official record charts in Belgium, and it is also the name of most of those charts. Ultratop is a non-profit organization, created on the initiative of the Belgian Entertainment Association
Belgian Entertainment Association
(BEA), the Belgian member organization of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.[1] Two parallel set of charts are concurrently produced and published, one on behalf of Belgium's Dutch-speaking Flanders
region, and the other catering to the nation's French-speaking region of Wallonia.


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Ultratop charts[edit] The music charts produced by Ultratop organization are separated along regional-language boundaries, an unusual division that is justified by the cultural differences in Belgium. So it is that the Dutch-speaking Flanders
region has one set of charts of record activity there, while the French-speaking Wallonia
region has another set to measure popularity in those provinces. The charts are broadcast on several Belgian radio stations, and on TV stations TMF in Flanders
and Plug RTL
Plug RTL
in Wallonia.[2] Procedure[edit] Ultratop creates charts based on record sales of around 500 retail outlets and legal digital downloads.[2] Currently GfK
is the market observer of the charts. The chart broadcasts on Radio Contact on Saturdays from 12:00 to 14:00. The combined number of Ultratop chart listeners on the various radio or TV stations exceeds two million every week. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the charts in 2005, a jubilee book was published. It covers all 15,282 singles from 5,882 artists thus far.[2] Prominent charts[edit] Ultratop 50 Singles (Flemish chart)[edit] The Flemish Ultratop 50 chart has existed since 31 March 1995.[3] Prior to 1995, the official weekly chart was the Radio 2 Top 30 (previously known as the BRT Top 30) broadcast by the Belgische Radio- en Televisieomroep (BRT) and subsequently by the Belgische Radio- en Televisieomroep Nederlandstalige Uitzendingen (BRTN) - a chart which continues to be broadcast to this day by the BRTN's successor, the Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie
Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie
(VRT) (hence its alternative name, the VRT Top 30). The Ultratop 50 chart is compiled in Dutch and presented on the Belgian radio station MNM as well as on TMF Flanders
television. Ultratop 50 Singles (Walloon chart)[edit] The Walloon Ultratop chart began in 1995 as the Ultratop 40, ranking the forty best-selling singles in the French-speaking region of Belgium.[4] On 4 September 2010, the Walloon chart was renamed Ultratop 50 as well after being increased from a 40-position into a 50-position chart. Ultratop 200 Albums (Flemish chart)[edit] Compiled in Dutch, it covers weekly albums sales in Belgium's Dutch-speaking Flanders
region. Originally brought out as the Ultratop 50 Albums chart, it was expanded to become the Ultratop 100 Albums chart, and eventually the Ultratop 200 Albums chart. Ultratop 200 Albums (Walloon chart)[edit] Published in French, it covers weekly albums sales in Belgium's French-speaking Wallonia
region. Complete list of Ultratop charts[edit] The Ultratop charts published include:

Chart name Flanders Wallonia

Ultratop 50 Singles Top 50 Top 50

Ultratop 200 Albums Top 200 Top 200

Ultratop Compilations Top 20 Top 20

Ultratop Dance Top 50 Top 50

Ultratop Urban Top 50

Ultratop Airplay Top 30 Top 30

Ultratop Alternative Albums Top 50

Back Catalogue Singles Top 50 Top 50

Dance Bubbling Under Top 20 Top 20

Albums Belges / Belgische Albums Top 40 Top 20

Mid Price Top 20 Top 20

Heatseekers Albums Top 20 Top 20

Albums Classiques / Klassiek Albums Top 20 Top 20

DVD Musicaux / Muziek-DVD Top 40 Top 10

Ultratop Vlaams Top 10

Radio 2 Vlaams Top 10

Vlaams Kids Top 5

Ultratip[edit] In addition to the main Ultratop 50, another weekly singles chart known as Ultratip is published. Also referred to as the Tipparade, it is an indicator chart of commercially available singles, with chart positions based on a combination of sales and airplay, i.e., the number of times a song is played on the radio or television, coupled with the calculated audience size for each station, region and language. Ultratip differs from the Ultratop charts, in that it depends on both airplay and sales, whereas Ultratop charts are based solely on sales. A song cannot chart on the Ultratip chart on airplay figures alone.[2] Ultratip charts[edit]

Flanders Wallonia

Ultratip 100[5] Ultratip 50[6]

See also[edit]

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Ultratop Flemish charts (Dutch) Ultratop Walloon charts (French) Charts archive (Flanders, from 1956 to 2011 on worldcharts.co.uk Charts archive (Walloon, from 1996 to 2011 on worldcharts.co.uk

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