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Uí Maine, often Anglicised as Hy Many, was one of the oldest and largest kingdoms located in Connacht, Ireland. Its territory of approximately 1,000 square miles (2,600 km2) encompassed all of what is now north, east and south County Galway, south and central County Roscommon, an area near County Clare, and at one stage had apparently subjugated land on the east bank of the Shannon, together with the parish of Lusmagh
in Offaly. There were two different Ui Maine, the Ui Maine of Tethbae
and the Uí Maine of Connacht; these tribes were separated by the Shannon River. The people of the kingdom were descendants of Máine Mór, who won the territory by warfare. Its sub-kingdoms, also known as lordships, included – among others – Tír Soghain, Corco Mogha, Delbhna Nuadat, Síol Anmchadha, and Máenmaige. These kingdoms were made up of offshoots of the Uí Maine
Uí Maine
dynasty, or subject peoples of different races. The Uí Maine
Uí Maine
are among the ancient Irish dynasties still represented today among the recognised Irish nobility and Chiefs of the Name, by the O'Kelly of Gallagh and Tycooly, Prince of Uí Maine
Uí Maine
and Count of the Holy Roman Empire. The Fox (O'Kearney) may represent the eastern Uí Maine
Uí Maine
of Tethbae.


1 Early times

1.1 Early leaders (in order)

2 Main families 3 Customs 4 Annalistic references 5 Members of Uí Maine
Uí Maine
Families 6 See also 7 References 8 External links

Early times[edit] Máine Mór is said to have established the kingdom around 357 AD, and ruled for fifty years. Before his arrival, the area had been occupied by the Fir Bolg, ruled by King Cian d'Fhearaibh Bolg. Early leaders (in order)[edit]

Name Years Ruled Death

Máine Mór 50 years natural death

Breasal mac Maine Mór son of Máine Mór

30 years natural death

Fiachra Finn son of Bresal

17 years slain by brother

Connall Cas Ciabhach son of Bresal

22 years slain

Dallán mac Breasal brother of Fiachra Finn

11 years mortally wounded then drowned

Duach mac Dallán son of Dallan

16 years slain by Maine Macamh

Lughaidh mac Dallán son of Dallan

14 years natural death

Feradhach mac Lughaidh son of Lughaidh

24 years slain by successor

Marcán 15 years slain with sword

Feradhach mac Lughaidh son of Feradhach

9 years slain by successor

Main families[edit] Descendant clans of the dynasty include the Ó Ceallaigh,[1] Ó Madadháin,[1] Ó Neachtain,[1] Ó Cnaimhín,[1] Ó Domhnalláin, Ó Maolalaidh,[1] Ó Fallamháin,[1] Customs[edit] An early 15th century text Nosa Uí Maine, states that they were given rewards and treasures such as:

A portion of all "strongholds and seaport towns in the province" A portion of all prizes and wrecks of the sea

This included any wines or goods that had been washed to shore from shipwrecks, etc. It also included whales and fish which became to be known as "royal fish" and were given to only the kings and queens

Hidden treasures found underground, all silver and gold mines and other metals They were given a third of any revenues received by the king of Connacht
of any other provinces where wrong had been done The revenue (or eric) of killing a person was considered very large and in one document recorded was states as being "168 cows"

Along with the privileges that Kings and queens of Uí Maine
Uí Maine
received, the clans that fought for Uí Maine
Uí Maine
were also given privileges and rights:

Any member of a clan was given a choice to go to battle in Spring or Autumn. Most members that chose not to attend battle spent time maintaining their crops. It was required that "no man of the province is to be taken as witness against these tribes, but another Hy Manian is to bear witness". If the King of Connacht
did not pull out or end a battle in 6 weeks or less when fighting in Ulster
or Leinster, any member was allowed to return home. "However great may be the accusation brought against them by dishonest people, only one man or one witness is required to dent it or prove it against the other party." Uí Mhaine were to be baptised by the Comharba of St. Bridget. If parents chose not to baptise their children at St. Bridget's because they lived too far away they were required to pay the Comharba a penny. Uí Mhaine were required to pay a "sgreaball ongtha" to the Comharba to prepare for death during an illness. This fee was said to be 3 Irish pennies.

Annalistic references[edit]

M918.11. A great slaughter was made of the Ui-Maine at Grian. M931.14. Domhnall, son of Gadhra, lord of Luighne, was slain.

Members of Uí Maine
Uí Maine

Thomas MacNevin Albéric O'Kelly de Galway William O'Kelly Nevin (Irish Republican and Personal Physician to Empress Maria Theresa of the Holy Roman Empire) Edward Kelley, also known as Edward Talbot (11 August 1555 – 1 November 1597), Tudor occultist and self-declared spirit medium who worked with John Dee. Gerald Lally-Tollendahl (Marquis de Lally-Tollendal, Prime Minister of Scotland under James I, Lord of Tollendahl)

See also[edit]

Kings of Uí Maine Leabhar Ua Maine Edward Kelley The Uí Maine
Uí Maine
were traditionally thought to be descended from Colla da Crioch, one of the Three Collas. Their original homeland was Oirghialla. DNA testing of descendants of Uilliam Buidhe Ó Cellaigh, however, speculates that the Uí Maine
Uí Maine
were not descended from the Three Collas.[2]


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External links[edit]

http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~irlkik/ihm/uimaine.htm Annals of Ulster
at CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts at University College Cork Annals of Tigernach at CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts at University College Cork Revised edition of McCarthy's synchronisms at Trinity College Dublin. Irish Kings and High-Kings, Francis John Byrne, Dublin (1971;2003) Four Courts
Four Courts
Press, ISBN 978-1-85182-196-9 History of the O'Maddens of Hy-Many, Gerard Madden, 2004. ISBN 0-9529511-7-7. The Life, Legends and Legacy of Saint Kerrill: A Fifth-Century East Galway Evangelist by Joseph Mannion, 2004. ISBN 0-9547698-1-3 http://www.ucc.ie/celt/published/G105007/index.html

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Kingdom of Connacht



Uí Briúin
Uí Briúin
Ai Uí Briúin
Uí Briúin
Bréifne Uí Briúin
Uí Briúin
Seóla Uí Briúin
Uí Briúin
Maille Uí Fiachrach Aidhne Uí Fiachrach Muaidhe Partraige Uí Maine Ui Fiachrach Finn Cairbre


Conmhaícne Mara Conmhaícne Cenéoil Dubáin Conmhaícne Cúile Tolad Conmhaícne Maigh Rein Conmhaícne Maenmaigh Conmhaícne Sléibe Formaile Ciarraige Áei Ciarraige Locha na nÁirne Ciarraige Airtech Ciarraige Óic Bethra Soghain


Lúighne Corca Fhir Trí Gailenga Delbhna Éile


Cálraighe Dartraighe


Fir Ol nEchmacht Dál nDruithne Gamanraige Fir Domnann Senchineoil Grecraige Delbhna
Tír Dhá Locha Delbhna
Cuile Fabhair Delbhna
Nuadat Delbhna
Sith Neannta Uaithne Masraige Corco Moga

Reigning clans


Uí Fiachrach Uí Briúin Uí Fiachrach Aidhne Uí Briúin
Uí Briúin
Seóla Uí Fiachrach Muaidhe Uí Briúin
Uí Briúin


Ó Seachnasaigh Ó Conchobhair Ó Dubhda Ó Flannagáin Ó Ruairc Ó Flaithbheartaigh

Successor realms

Uí Maine
Uí Maine
(including Síol Anmchadha, Máenmaige
and Clann Uatach) Bréifne
(including East and West Bréifne) Uí Díarmata Síol Maelruain Moylurg Umhaill Iar Connacht Lordship of Ireland Kingdom of Ireland


List of kings of Connacht Ráth Cruachan Connacht
Irish Annals of Connacht Táin Bó Flidhais Cóiced Ol nEchmacht Nagnatae Auteini Three Tuathas Clann Taidg Uí Díarmata Clann Fhergail Muintir Murchada Maigh Seóla

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Kindreds and septs


Uí Briúin

Don O'Conor
Roe O'Conor
Sligo Murtagh O'Conor MacGeraghty O'Finaghty (Finnerty) O'Concannon MacTeige MacBrannan (Brennan) O'Flanagan MacDermot MacDonagh MacManus MacDockery O'Beirne O'Flaherty O'Rourke O'Reilly McGovern McKiernan O'Sheridan

Uí Fiachrach

MacClellan O'Heyne O'Cleary O'Shaughnessy O'Cahill MacKilkelly O'Dowd MacFirbis O'Cann O'Coyne O'Carney O'Towey (Tuffy) O'Gaughan O'Murray

Northern Uí Néill

Cenél Conaill

O'Donnell O'Doherty O'Gallagher Dunkeld MacDevitt (MacDaid) O'Boyle O'Cannon O'Muldorey O'Strain MacMenamin

Cenél nEógain

O'Neill MacLaughlin MacNeil Maclachlan Lamont MacEwen MacSweeney MacShane
(Johnson) MacCaul O'Cahan O'Devlin O'Daly O'Gillan O'Kieran O'Donnelly O'Gormley O'Brallaghan (Bradley) Hamill

Southern Uí Néill

Clann Cholmáin
Clann Cholmáin
& Síl nÁedo Sláine

O'Melaghlin O'Molloy MacGeoghegan O'Higgin MacCary MacAuley

Clan Colla

McCarroll MacMahon McArdle Maguire MacManus McCaffrey MacDonald MacRory Darroch MacDonnell O'Mulrooney O'Monaghan O'Creehan O'Leighnin O'Heany O'Boylan O'Hanratty O'Hanlon O'Rogan O'Garvey O'Keelaghan (Callaghan) MacCann O'Curry O'Hennessy

Uí Maine

O'Kelly O'Donnellan O'Madden O'Downey O'Cleary O'Concannon O'Duigenan O'Naughton O'Mullally MacEgan O'Kearney O'Mulconry


Óengus Tuirmech Temrach Énna Aignech Eochu Feidlech Eochu Airem Medb Findemna Clothru Lugaid Riab nDerg Crimthann Nia Náir Feradach Finnfechtnach Fíachu Finnolach Túathal Techtmar Fedlimid Rechtmar Conn of the Hundred Battles Art mac Cuinn Cormac mac Airt Gráinne Cairbre Lifechair Fíacha Sroiptine Muiredach Tirech Colla Uais Eochaid Mugmedon Niall of the Nine Hostages Columba of Iona Crínán of Dunkeld Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair Brian Ua Néill


Finn and Gráinne The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Gráinne An sluagh sidhe so i nEamhuin?


Rathcroghan Hill of Tara Donegal Castle Mongavlin Castle Tullyhogue Fort Clonalis House


Creadran Cille Knockavoe Glentaisie Clannabuidhe Kinsale

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General history

Gaelic Ireland High King of Ireland Gaelic Irish kingdoms Dál Riata Alba Nine Years' War Statutes of Iona Flight of the Earls Plantation of Ulster 1641 Rebellion Act for the Settlement of Ireland 1652 Jacobite risings Bliadhna Theàrlaich Penal Laws Great Hunger Irish diaspora Highland Clearances Gaelic Revival Gaeltacht Gàidhealtachd

Gaelic culture

Ogham Brehon law Gaelic mythology Lebor Gabála Érenn Gaelic warfare Gaelic astrology Gaelic kinship Bardic poetry Gaelic literature
Gaelic literature
(Early Irish, Modern Irish, Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic
& Manx) Gaelic type Insular script Fáinne Gaelic music Sean-nós song Oireachtas na Gaeilge Am Mòd Gaelic games Highland games Insular Christianity Gaelic Christian mission


Primitive Irish Old Irish Middle Irish Classical Gaelic Irish Manx Scottish Gaelic

Major tribes or clans

(incl. Uí Néill, Clan Colla, Clan Donald, Uí Maine, etc) Dál gCais
Dál gCais
(incl. Déisi) Eóganachta Érainn
(incl. Dál Riata, Corcu Loígde, Clan Conla, Dál Fiatach, etc) Laigin Ulaid
(incl. Dál nAraidi, Conmhaícne, Ciarraige, etc)

Prominent organisations

Údarás na Gaeltachta Foras na Gaeilge Bòrd na Gàidhlig Culture Vannin Conradh na Gaeilge An Comunn Gàidhealach Manx Gaelic Society Seachtain na Gaeilge Gael Linn ULTACH Trust Comunn na Gàidhlig Columba Project Clans of Ireland An Coimisinéir Teanga An Comunn Gàidhealach
An Comunn Gàidhealach

Related subjects

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Haplogroup R-M269
(human genetics) Celts Norse– Gaels
(incl. Uí Ímair
Uí Ímair
and Clan MacLeod) Kingdom of the Isles Gaelicisation

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Royal houses of Europe

Nordic countries


Knýtlinga Fairhair Estridsen Griffins Palatinate-Neumarkt Oldenburg Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg


Bjelbo Mecklenburg Griffins Palatinate-Neumarkt Bonde Oldenburg Vasa Palatinate-Zweibrücken Hesse Holstein-Gottorp Romanov


Fairhair Knýtlinga Hardrada Gille Sverre Bjelbo Estridsen Griffins Palatinate-Neumarkt Bonde Oldenburg Holstein-Gottorp Bernadotte Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg


Munsö Stenkil Sverker Eric Bjelbo Estridsen Mecklenburg Griffins Palatinate-Neumarkt Bonde Oldenburg Vasa Palatinate-Zweibrücken Hesse-Kassel Holstein-Gottorp Bernadotte


Fairhair Bjelbo Estridsen Griffins Palatinate-Neumarkt Bonde Oldenburg Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg

Britain and Ireland


Mercia Wuffing Kent Sussex Essex Bernicia Deira Northumbria Uí Ímair Wessex Knýtlinga Normandy Angevin Plantagenet Lancaster York Tudor


Fergus Óengus Strathclyde Mann and the Isles Alpin Northumbria Bernicia Uí Ímair Galloway Dunkeld Sverre Balliol Bruce Stuart


Dinefwr Aberffraw Gwynedd Mathrafal Cunedda Tudor


Ulaid Dál Riata Érainn Corcu Loígde Laigin Connachta Uí Néill Ó Gallchobhair Ó Domhnail Ó Néill Ó Máel Sechlainn Mac Murchada Ó Briain Mac Lochlainn Ó Conchobhair

Gaelic Ireland

Laigin Síl Conairi Ulaid Dáirine Osraige Cruthin Dál nAraidi Connachta Uí Fiachrach Uí Briúin Uí Néill Síl nÁedo Sláine Clann Cholmáin Eóganachta Chaisil Glendamnach Raithlind Uí Dúnlainge Uí Ímair
Uí Ímair
(Norse) Uí Ceinnselaig Dál gCais Ó Briain Mac Carthaig Ó Conchobhair Ó Ruairc De Burgh (Norman) FitzGerald (Norman) Ó Domhnaill Ó Néill

Great Britain

Stuart Orange-Nassau Hanover Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Windsor

Eastern Europe


Angevin Progon Arianiti Thopia Kastrioti Dukagjini Wied Zogu Ottoman Savoy


Orontid Artaxiad Arsacid Bagratid Artsruni Rubenids Hethumids Lusignan Savoy


Boričević Kulinić Kotromanić Kosača Ottoman Habsburg-Lorraine


Dulo Krum Cometopuli Asen Smilets Terter Shishman Sratsimir Battenberg Saxe-Coburg and Gotha


Trpimirović Domagojević Svačić Ottoman Luxembourg Habsburg Habsburg-Lorraine Bonaparte Savoy (disputed)


Plantagenet Lusignan Ottoman Savoy


Pharnavazid Artaxiad Arsacid Ottoman Chosroid Bagrationi


Argead Macedonian Doukas Komnenos Angelos Laskaris Palaiologos Ottoman Wittelsbach Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg


Mindaugas Gediminids Jagiellon Valois Báthory Vasa Wiśniowiecki Sobieski Wettin Leszczyński Poniatowski Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov


Dragoș (Drăgoșești) Rossetti Bogdan-Muşat Movilești Drăculeşti Ghica Cantacuzene Cantemirești Racoviță Mavrocordato Ypsilantis Soutzos Mourousi Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen Basarab


Vojislavljević Balšić Ottoman Crnojević Petrović-Njegoš


House of Basarab Rossetti Bogdan-Mușat Movilești Drăculești Ghica Cantacuzene Cantemirești Romanov Racoviță Ottoman Mavrocordato Ypsilantis Soutzos Mourousi Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen Romania/Royal family


Rurik Borjigin Godunov Shuysky Vasa Romanov


Vlastimirović Vukanović Nemanjić Lazarević Mrnjavčević Dejanović Branković Ottoman Obrenović Karađorđević




Rurikids Piast Gediminids Olshanski Olelkovich Giray Romanov Habsburg-Lorraine

1 Transcontinental country. 2 Entirely in Southwest Asia
but having socio-political connections with Europe.

Western Europe


Saxe-Coburg and Gotha


Merovingian Carolingian Capet Valois Bourbon Bonaparte Orléans


Aleramici Appiani Bonaparte Bourbon-Parma Bourbon-Two Sicilies Carolingian Della Rovere Este Farnese Flavian Gonzaga Grimaldi Habsburg Julio-Claudian Malatesta Malaspina Medici Montefeltro Nerva–Antonine Ordelaffi Orsini Palaiologos Pallavicini Savoy Severan Sforza Visconti


Orange-Nassau Nassau-Weilburg Bourbon-Parma




Bonaparte Orange-Nassau (Mecklenburg) (Lippe) (Amsberg)


Vímara Peres Burgundy Aviz Habsburg Spanish Braganza

Braganza-Saxe-Coburg and Gotha


Asturias Barcelona Jiménez Burgundy Champagne Capet Évreux Trastámara Habsburg Bourbon

Bonaparte Savoy

Central Europe


Babenberg Habsburg Habsburg-Lorraine


Přemyslid Piast Luxembourg Jagiellon Habsburg Habsburg-Lorraine


Ascania Carolingian Conradines Ottonian Luitpolding Salian Süpplingenburg Hohenstaufen Welf Habsburg Hanover Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Nassau Luxembourg Wittelsbach Schwarzburg Brunswick-Lüneburg House of Pomerania Hohenzollern Württemberg Oldenburg Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg Orange-Nassau Nassau-Weilburg Mecklenburg Vasa Palatine Zweibrücken Hesse Holstein-Gottorp Romanov Bonaparte Wettin Lippe Zähringen


Árpád Přemyslid Wittelsbach Angevin Luxembourg Hunyadi Jagiellon Szapolyai Ottoman Habsburg Habsburg-Lorraine




Piast Přemyslid Samborides Griffins Jagiellon Valois Báthory Vasa Wiśniowiecki Sobieski Wettin Leszczyński Poniatowski

After partitions:

Kingdom of Poland Habsburg Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria Wettin Duchy of Warsaw Lefebvre Duchy of Gdańsk Hohenzollern Duchy of Poznań

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Kingdom of Ireland


Timeline of Irish history History of Ireland (1536–1691) History of Ireland (1691–1801)

General and events

Lordship of Ireland British Empire Poynings' Law Crown of Ireland Act 1542 Tudor conquest of Ireland New English Surrender and regrant Protestantism Desmond Rebellions Plantations of Ireland
Plantations of Ireland
(Ulster) Nine Years' War (Flight of the Earls) Penal Laws Irish Rebellion of 1641 Irish Confederate Wars Wars of the Three Kingdoms Cromwellian conquest of Ireland
Cromwellian conquest of Ireland
(Settlement and Barbadosed) Williamite–Jacobite War (Wild Geese) Popery Act Constitution of 1782 Irish Rebellion of 1798 Acts of Union 1800 United Kingdom

Gaelic conquests

Tuadhmhumhain (1543) Uí Echach (1543) Loígis (1543) Uí Failghe (1550) Uí Díarmata
Uí Díarmata
(1574) Clann Aodha Buidhe (1574) Magh Luirg (1585) Airgíalla
(1585) Iar Connacht
(1589) Umhaill
(1593) Deasmhumhain (1596) Mac William Íochtar
Mac William Íochtar
(1602) Laigin (1603) Bréifne
Uí Ruairc (1605) Cairbrigh (1606) Tír Chonaill (1607) Tír Eoghain (1607) Fear Manach (1607) Uí Catháin (1607) Bréifne
Uí Raghallaigh (1607) Uí Maine
Uí Maine

Politics and society

Dublin Castle administration Parliament of Ireland
Parliament of Ireland
( Irish House of Lords
Irish House of Lords
and Irish House of Commons) Privy Council of Ireland Four Courts
Four Courts
(King's Bench, Exchequer, Chancery and Common Pleas) Court of Castle Chamber Peerage of Ireland Army Church of Ireland Grand Lodge of Ireland Trinity College, Dublin Order of St Patrick Jacobites Whigs Tories Irish Patriots Defenders Orangism United Irishmen

Monarchs and rulers

Henry VIII (1542–47) Edward VI (1547–53) Lady Jane Grey
Lady Jane Grey
(1553; disputed) Mary I (1553–58) & Philip jure uxoris (1554–58) Elizabeth I (1558–1603) James I (1603–25) Charles I (1625–49) Commonwealth (1649–53) Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Cromwell
(1653–58) Richard Cromwell
Richard Cromwell
(1658–59) Commonwealth (1659–60) Charles II (1660–85) James II (1685–91) William III (1689–1702) & Mary II (1689–94) Anne (1702–14) George I (1714–27) George II (1727–60) George III (1760–1800)

British Empire
British Empire
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