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is a small city in Cartago Province
Cartago Province
of Costa Rica
Costa Rica
with an estimated population of 35,618. The main industries are textiles, agriculture and tourism. The Pacuare and Reventazón Rivers are notable for whitewater rafting, making Turrialba
a mecca for the sport. "Several cities developed and prospered as a result of the building of the railroad to the Caribbean; Turrialba
is one of these, and its architectural, spatial and ethnic makeup is different from other towns. Declared a City of National Archeological Interest, this town is the entryway to the Costa Rican Caribbean. Two universities are located here: the Tropical Agronomy Research and Learning Center (CATIE), of international influence, and the University of Costa Rica. Turrialba’s outskirts contain appealing rural communities such as Santa Cruz, where homemade Turrialba
cheese is produced, La Suiza and Aquiares, as well as the rapids of the Reventazón and Pacuare rivers." [2] Serpentario Viborana, a snake rehabilitation center, is also located in Turrialba.[3] Sports[edit] The towns football club is Turrialba
FC, who have spent several seasons in the Costa Rican Primera División. They play their home games at the Estadio Rafael Ángel Camacho. The town is also home to the only official Major League Baseball Factory, moved there from Haiti by Rawlings in the late 1980's. This factory is a major employer in an otherwise depressed farming economy. References[edit]

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