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TURBO GOTH is a NYC based, electronic rock duo from the Philippines. Formed in 2008, Turbo Goth
Turbo Goth
is composed of Sarah Gaugler (on lead vocals) and Paolo Peralta (on guitar/electronic sampler), they were originally the only electronic rock duo in the Philippines
at the time. Turbo Goth's music is semi-experimental electronic music with distorted bass synths backed by aggressive heavy beats, and guitars, stitched together by light vocals. Turbo Goth
Turbo Goth
has had numerous performances in the Philippines
and at Music Festivals in Asia, but after their show at South by Southwest in 2014, they decided to relocate, for a broader audience, finding a new home in New York by the end of that year. Turbo Goth's notable international performances are 2011 Baybeats Music Festival in Singapore, 2012 CAMA Festival in Hanoi Vietnam, TURBO GOTH opens for OMD "History Of Modern" Manila 2012 at the Araneta Coliseum . 2014 South by Southwest in Austin Texas, 2015 CMJ Music Marathon in Brooklyn New York, 2016 Move Music Festival in Albany New, 2016 Northside Music Festival Brooklyn New York, 2016 Indie Week Toronto Canada and SXSW 2017 Official Showcasing Artist.

Turbo Goth
Turbo Goth
launched their debut album Destroy Us All in January 2011; the first single taken from that album was "Venus Flytrap". Their second album is currently in the making while perfecting their craft at various venues in New York.


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Turbo Goth
Turbo Goth
was formed in 2008 when Paolo Peralta invited Sarah Gaugler to form an electronic rock band. The two decided to collaborate when Peralta, then a solo electronic musician, heard Gaugler's voice while she was singing in the car along to her favorite songs. Prior to that, Gaugler, a visual artist and painter, had no prior professional singing experience.

The duo then spent the next few months developing their sound. Peralta would lay down the tracks with an electronic sampler , while Gaugler would write the lyrics and melody for Peralta's music. The two then started hitting the underground music circuit in 2009. They also released a single, "Morning Swim", to selected local radio stations and online portals. The single, along with Turbo Goth's live performances, caught the attention of the local independent Filipino music scene.


By 2010, Turbo Goth
Turbo Goth
had written a handful of original songs, which they performed at their regular gigs. Peralta and Gaugler then selected some of the stronger tracks to compile into a full-length album . The duo then recorded, mixed, and mastered the tracks at Wombworks, a recording studio in Marikina City, within a few months. They released the album, Destroy Us All independently on January 27, 2011. "Venus Flytrap", the first single from Destroy Us All, received notable airplay on progressive radio stations.


Turbo Goth
Turbo Goth
describes their music as "gloss rock"; they create a rock track, embellished with distorted bass synths and heavy drumbeats (both produced with a "groovebox "). Peralta then lays in basic simple guitar tracks (using a Telecaster ) with heavy delays and aggressive ambience. Gaugler's vocal tracks are then laced into the song; the duo considers Gaugler's vocals as an "instrument" and treat it accordingly. The duo play nearly all shows just guitar,vocals and drum machine. Gaugler is responsible for all of the lyrics and vocal melodies.



* Destroy Us All (2010)


* "Morning Swim" (2009) * "Venus Flytrap (2011)


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Turbo Goth
Turbo Goth
have received nominations for their music. They won 'Best Live Act' at the 2009 QLE Awards. They were nominated for but did not win 'Best Independent Band' at the Myx Music Awards 2010 , and 'Best Collaboration' (with Ely Buendia , for the song "Buzzkill") at the 2010 QLE Awards.