The Tryonicidae are a family of cockroaches.

Biodiversity and distribution

Two genera containing 17 species are currently confirmed as belonging to this family.[1]

Table 1: Number of species of Tryonicidae in each region in which it is present (A=adventive, E=endemic, I=indigenous)

Australia New Caledonia New Zealand
Lauraesilpha 11E[2]
Tryonicus 3E[3] 3E[4] 1A[5]


  • Beccaloni & Eggleton's (2011) figures of '10 genera, 47 species' presumably does not take into account Murienne's (2009) publication (they do not cite it)[6]
  • According to Murienne (2009: 49), the tribe Methanini certainly belongs to the Blattidae: Polyzosteriinae, as probably does the group of New Caledonian endemic genera Angustonicus, Pallidionicus, Pellucidonicus, Punctulonicus, and Rothisilpha
  • A report has been published of an unidentified endemic "tryonicine" from New Zealand, in addition to the adventive Tryonicus parvus, but details are too sketchy at present to accept this record.[7]


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Further reading

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