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The True Path Party (Turkish: Doğru Yol Partisi, DYP) was a centre-right political party in Turkey, active from 1983 to 2007.[1] For most of its history, the party's central figure was Süleyman Demirel, a former Prime Minister of Turkey
who had previously led the Justice Party (AP), before it was shut down in the aftermath of the 1980 military coup. The DYP was widely considered the successor of both the AP and the Democratic Party (DP), active in Turkey's early multi-party period.[2] The DYP was the main opposition party in the Grand National Assembly from 1987 to 1991. Later, the party won power in the 1991 general elections, after having emerged as the largest party. Demirel subsequently returned to the premiership in the period from 1991 to 1993, before securing the Presidency of Turkey
that year. Subsequently, both the DYP leadership and the premiership passed to Tansu Çiller, another prominent member of the party. Çiller was the first Prime Minister of Turkey, and served until 1996. After then serving as a junor partner in multiple coalition governments, the party was wiped out of parliament in the 2002 general election, failing to pass the 10% electoral required to win seats.[3] While the party was able to maintain a presence in local politics after its 2002 wipeout from parliament, the DYP appeared likely to again fail to enter parliament in 2007 elections. In response, the leadership of DYP and the conservative Motherland Party (ANAP) announced their intention to merge under the name of the old Democratic Party (DP). Ultimately however, the ANAP pulled out of the merger, though the True Path Party went through with the rebranding, and transformed into the new Democratic Party in May 2007. The Democrats only polled at 6% in the election, and have remained out of the Grand National Assembly since then.


1 Election results 2 Prominent members

2.1 Party leaders 2.2 Prime Ministers of Turkey 2.3 Presidents of Turkey

3 References

Election results[edit]

Grand National Assembly of Turkey

Election Votes Seats Role

% Rank # ±

1987 4,587,062 19.1 3rd

59 / 450

new in opposition

1991 6,600,726 27.0 1st

178 / 450

119 in coalition

1995 5,396,009 19.2 3rd

135 / 550

43 in coalition

1999 3,745,417 12.0 5th

85 / 550

50 in opposition

2002 2,997,065 9.5 3rd

0 / 550

85 no seats

Prominent members[edit] Party leaders[edit]

Ahmet Nusret Tuna (1983) Yıldırım Avcı (1983–1985) Hüsamettin Cindoruk (1985–1987) Tansu Çiller
Tansu Çiller
(1993–2002) Mehmet Ağar (2002–2007)

Prime Ministers of Turkey[edit]

Süleyman Demirel
Süleyman Demirel
(1991–1993) Tansu Çiller
Tansu Çiller

Presidents of Turkey[edit]

Süleyman Demirel
Süleyman Demirel


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