The Info List - Tremellomycetes

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Cystofilobasidiales Filobasidiales Tremellales

The Tremellomycetes
are a class of dimorphic fungi. Some species have a gelatinous fruiting body or a sacculate parenthesome.[1] There are 3 orders, 11 families, 50 genera, and 377 species in the Tremellomycetes.[2] References[edit]

^ Hibbett, D.S.; et al. (March 2007). "A higher level phylogenetic classification of the Fungi". Mycological Research. 111 (5): 509–547. doi:10.1016/j.mycres.2007.03.004. PMID 17572334.  ^ Kirk PM, Cannon PF, Minter DW, Stalpers JA (2008). Dictionary of the Fungi
(10th ed.). Wallingford: CABI. p. 697. ISBN 0-85199-826-7. 

Taxon identifiers

Wd: Q133144 EoL: 8558484 EPPO: 1TREML Fungorum: 90764 GBIF: 149 ITIS: 936305 MycoBank: 90764 NCBI: 155616 WoRMS: 437249

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