The Info List - Treaty Of Montgomery

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The TREATY OF MONTGOMERY was an Anglo -Cambrian treaty signed on 29 September 1267 in Montgomeryshire
by which Llywelyn ap Gruffudd
Llywelyn ap Gruffudd
was acknowledged as Prince of Wales
by King Henry III of England
(r. 1216–1272). It was the only time an English ruler recognised the right of a ruler of Gwynedd over Wales. Llywelyn's grandfather Llywelyn the Great
Llywelyn the Great
had previously laid claim to be the effective prince of Wales
by using the title "Prince of Aberffraw, Lord of Snowdon" in the 1230s, after subduing all the other Welsh dynasties . Likewise Llywelyn's uncle, Dafydd ap Llywelyn , claimed the title of Prince of Wales
during his reign from 1240 to 1246. However, Llywelyn's supremacy in the late 1260s forced r