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TRAPP FAMILY STORY (トラップ一家物語, Torappu Ikka Monogatari) is a Japanese anime series by Nippon Animation .

It was based on the memoir The Story of the Trapp Family Singers by Maria von Trapp
Maria von Trapp
, which has also inspired the world-famous musical The Sound of Music .

While many things were changed from the original story, unlike other adaptations such as The Sound of Music
The Sound of Music
, the children's names are all correct in this version.


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The opening theme differed depending on the broadcasting. The series first used "Doremi no Uta (Doremi Song)" as the intro theme during earlier broadcasting, however, the DVD and video version of the series uses "Hohoemi no Mahou (Smile Magic)" as the new opening song.

* "Doremi Song ( Do-Re-Mi no Uta)" by Eri Itō and Children's Choir of the Forest (early broadcasting version) - This was a Japanese adaptation of the song Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music
The Sound of Music

* "Smile Magic (Hohoemi no Mahou)" by Eri Itō (video, DVD, and later rebroadcasting version)


* "With Outstretched Hands'' (Ryoute wo hirogete)" by Eri Itō


* My Aspiration to be a Catholic Nun * My Future as a Sister * The Captain and his 7 Children * The 26th Governess * Maria is the Cause of Drama * The Missing children and the Hunger Rebellion * I can not trust Adults * Courtesy is Important!? * Baron Trapp's Fiance? * Sewing Machine and Violin * Playing in Mud is Supreme * Chocolate Cake: Maria Style * Don Quixote's First Love * Music Box's Secret * Martina and the Bear, Nikola * The House without Fraulein Maria * A Wounded Fawn * All God's creature, Great and Small