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Glen Grey Act (1894) Natal Legislative Assembly Bill (1894) Transvaal Asiatic Registration Act (1906) South Africa
South Africa
Act (1909) Mines and Works Act (1911) Natives Land Act (1913) Natives (Urban Areas) Act (1923) Immorality Act (1927) Native Administration Act (1927) Women's Enfranchisement Act (1930) Franchise Laws Amendment Act (1931) Representation of Natives Act (1936) Native Trust and Land Act (1936) Native (Urban Areas) Consolidation Act (1945) Asiatic Land Tenure Act (1946)

Malan to Verwoerd (1948–66) Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act (1949) Immorality Amendment Act † (1950) Population Registration Act (1950) Group Areas Act
Group Areas Act
(1950) Suppression of Communism Act (1950) Native Building Workers Act (1951) Separate Representation of Voters Act (1951) Prevention of Illegal Squatting Act (1951) Bantu Authorities Act (1951) Native Laws Amendment Act † (1952) Pass Laws Act (1952) Public Safety Act (1953) Native Labour (Settlement of Disputes) Act (1953) Bantu Education Act (1953) Reservation of Separate Amenities Act (1953) Natives Resettlement Act (1954) Group Areas Development Act (1955) Riotous Assemblies Act (1956) Industrial Conciliation Act (1956) Natives (Prohibition of Interdicts) Act (1956) Immorality Act (1957) Bantu Investment Corporation Act (1959) Extension of University Education Act (1959) Promotion of Bantu Self-government Act (1959) Unlawful Organizations Act (1960) Indemnity Act (1961) Coloured Persons Communal Reserves Act (1961) Republic of South Africa
South Africa
Constitution Act (1961) Urban Bantu Councils Act (1961) General Law Amendment Act (1963) Coloured Persons Representative Council Act (1964)

Vorster to Botha (1966–90) Terrorism Act (1967) Separate Representation of Voters Amendment Act (1968) Prohibition of Political Interference Act (1968) Bantu Homelands Citizenship Act (1970) Bantu Homelands Constitution Act (1971) Aliens Control Act (1973) Indemnity Act (1977) National Key Points Act (1980) List of National Key Points Internal Security Act (1982) Black Local Authorities Act (1982) Republic of South Africa
South Africa
Constitution Act (1983)

Abolishment (1990–96) Negotiations to end Apartheid
(1990–93) Interim Constitution (1993) Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act (1995) Constitution (1996)

† No new legislation introduced, rather the existing legislation named was amended.

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The Asiatic Registration Act of the Transvaal Colony
Transvaal Colony
was an extension of the pass laws specifically aimed at Asians (Indians and Chinese). Under the Act every male Asian had to register himself and produce on demand a thumb-printed certificate of identity. Unregistered persons and prohibited immigrants could be deported without a right of appeal or fined on the spot if they fail to comply with Act. Under the Act, every Asian man, woman or child of eight years or upwards, entitled to reside in the Transvaal, was required to register his or her name with the Registrar of Asiatics and take out a certificate of registration. The applicants for registration had to surrender their old permits to the Registrar, and state in their applications their name, residence, caste, age, etc. The Registrar was to note down important marks of identification upon the applicant’s person, and take his finger and thumb impressions. Parents were required to apply on behalf of their minor children and bring them to the Registrar in order to give their finger impressions, etc. In case of parents failing to discharge this responsibility laid upon them, the minor on attaining the age of sixteen years was required to discharge it himself, and if he defaulted, he made himself liable to the same punishments as could be awarded to his parents.


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Resistance to Legislation[edit] In response to the Transvaal Asiatic Registration Act, and to prevent the Asiatic community of South Africa
South Africa
suffering intolerable humiliation, Gandhi developed the concept of satyagraha. In the book, Satyagraha in South Africa, Gandhi outlines how he developed the concept of Satyagraha in South Africa. In the following section, he provides a summary of the nature and content of the Transvaal Asiatic Registration Act, which he later renamed the "Black Act." The extract also provides a useful description by Gandhi of why the "Black Act" was resisted — on the grounds of the safety of the Indian community, and to prevent the Asiatic community of South Africa suffering an intolerable humiliation. The Act was repealed by the British government shortly after enactment (after some lobbying by a delegation led by Mahatma Gandhi), but it was re-enacted again in 1908. See also[edit]

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Gandhi, M. Satyagraha in South Africa, Navajivan Publishing House, Ahmedebad. Translated from the original Gujarati by Valji Govindji Desai External links[edit]

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