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This article details the variety of means of transport in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Cycle lane in St Helier


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Air transport[edit] Airports:

Jersey Airport

Rail transport[edit]

Map of the former railway lines of Jersey

Historically there were public railway services in the island, provided by two railway companies:

The Jersey Railway (closed in 1936) The Jersey Eastern Railway (closed in 1929).

The mostly coastal lines operated out of St Helier and ran across the southern part of the island, reaching Gorey Harbour in the east and la Corbière in the west. There were two stations in St Helier: St Helier (Weighbridge) (JR) and St Helier (Snow Hill) (JER). After closure, most of the infrastructure was removed and today little evidence remains of these railways. A small number of former station buildings are still standing, including St Helier Weighbridge, which is now in use as the Liberty Wharf shopping centre, and St Aubin railway station, which is used today as the Parish Hall of Saint Brélade. Part of the former Jersey Railway line from St Aubin to Corbière has been converted into a rail trail for cyclists and walkers. During the German military occupation 1940–1945, light railways were re-established by the Germans for the purpose of supplying coastal fortifications. A one-metre gauge line was laid down following the route of the former Jersey Railway from Saint Helier to La Corbière, with a branch line connecting the stone quarry at Ronez in Saint John. A 60cm line ran along the west coast, and another was laid out heading east from Saint Helier to Gorey. The first line was opened in July 1942, the ceremony being disrupted by passively resisting Jersey spectators.[1] The German railway infrastructure was dismantled after the Liberation in 1945. Two railways operate at the Pallot Heritage Steam Museum; a standard gauge heritage steam railway, and a narrow gauge pleasure line operated by steam-outline diesel motive power. Road transport[edit] Main article: Roads in Jersey Highways: total: 577 km (1995) paved: NA km unpaved: NA km Buses[edit] Main article: LibertyBus

A double-decker bus in St. Brelade, Jersey

Buses are operated by CT Plus Jersey, a local subsidiary of HCT Group. Bus service routes radiate from the Liberation Station in St Helier. In 2012, it was announced that CT Plus would take over the operation of the bus service, commencing on 2 January 2013, ending 10 years of Connex service in Jersey. This new service is called LibertyBus. Cycling[edit] Jersey has a well sign posted Island Cycle Network. A traffic-free route for cyclists and pedestrians links Saint Helier to La Corbière and a branch of this route ends up at St Peter's village passing Jersey Airport. Driving[edit]

A green lane sign.

Jersey vehicle number plate

Driving is on the left hand side. The maximum speed limit throughout the entire island is 40 mph (64 km/h), with slower limits on certain stretches of road, such as 20/30 mph (32/48 km/h) in built up areas and 15 mph (24 km/h) on roads designated as green lanes. Visitors wishing to drive must possess a Certificate of Insurance or an International Green Card, a valid Driving Licence or International Driving Permit (UK International Driving Permits are not valid). Photocopies are not acceptable. A nationality plate must be displayed on the back of visiting vehicles. It is an offence to hold a mobile phone whilst driving a moving vehicle. Where fitted, all passengers inside a vehicle must wear a seat belt at all times, regardless of whether they are sitting in the front or the rear. The penalties for drinking and driving in Jersey are up to £2,000 fine or 6 months in prison for the first offence plus unlimited disqualification of driving licence. It is an offence to drive whilst under the influence of drugs. Since July 2014 it has also been illegal to smoke in any vehicle carrying passengers under the age of 18. [2] Parking[edit] Single yellow lines indicate that parking is prohibited and is liable to a fine. Paycards are used to pay for parking throughout Jersey with the exception of the harbour, airport and waterfront car parks where a pay upon exit scheme is operated. Paycards require scratching off the appropriate day, date, month, and time. Payment by paycards is required for parking wherever the paycard symbol is displayed. Some paycard locations, such as the lay-bys in Victoria Avenue, and car parks in St Brelade's Bay are seasonal. There are four main residents’ and business parking zones within St Helier.[3] In some roads on the outskirts of St Helier and in the harbours, and also in some car parks in St Brelade, parking is free but controlled by parking discs (time wheels) – obtainable from the Town Hall for a small charge. Sea transport[edit]

A Condor Ferries catamaran heading west around Jersey past La Tour de Vinde, Noirmont, Saint Brelade

Seaports and harbours: Saint Helier is the island's main port, others include Gorey, Saint Aubin, La Rocque, and Bonne Nuit. It is 33.6 miles (54.1 km) distant from Granville, Manche, 142.9 miles (230.0 km) from Southampton, 131.3 miles (211.3 km) from Poole, and 22.9 miles (36.9 km) from St Malo. On 20 August 2013, Huelin-Renouf, which had operated a "lift-on lift-off" container service for 80 years between the Port of Southampton and the Port of Jersey, ceased trading.[4] Senator Alan Maclean, a Jersey politician had previously tried to save the 90-odd jobs furnished by the company to no avail.[5] On 20 September, it was announced that Channel Island Lines would continue this service, and would purchase the MV Huelin Dispatch from Associated British Ports who in turn had purchased them from the receiver in the bankruptcy.[6] The new operator was to be funded by Rockayne Limited, a closely held association of Jersey businesspeople.[6] Passenger-only access to France is provided by Manche-Iles Express ferry service, to either Barneville-Carteret, Granville or Dielette. A service to St Malo was provided by Compagnie Corsaire, but is now operated by its sister service, Condor Ferries, which runs Commodore Goodwill, a large ro-ro vessel to Portsmouth, and has multiple ro-ro connections to Poole and St Malo.

Poole - Guernsey - Jersey (seasonal service normally operated by Condor Liberation) Portsmouth - Guernsey - Jersey (Commodore Clipper, Commodore Goodwill. Commodore Goodwill service is extended to St Malo at the weekends) Saint-Malo - Jersey - Guernsey (Condor Rapide)


Compagnie Corsaire - to St Malo (?) Condor Ferries freight and passenger services: Commodore Goodwill. Huelin-Renouf Shipping Limited (ceased trading 20 August 2013)[7] Channel Island Lines, took up the Huelin-Renouf business from September 2013 Manche Îles Express


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