Trans- is a Latin prefix meaning "across", "beyond", or "on the other side of". Used alone, trans may refer to:


* ''Trans'' (film), US film * Trans (Festival), a former festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom * Trans Corp, a business unit of CT Corp in the fields of media, lifestyle, and entertainment ** Trans TV, an Indonesian commercial television station ** Trans7, an Indonesian commercial television station


* Trans (album), ''Trans'' (album), by Neil Young * Trans (Stockhausen), ''Trans'' (Stockhausen), a 1971 orchestral composition


* Trans, Mayenne, France * Trans, Switzerland

Science and technology

* Cis-trans isomerism, in chemistry, a form of stereoisomerism ** Trans fat, fats containing trans-isomer fatty acids * Trans-lunar injection, propulsive maneuver of a spacecraft towards the Moon * Trans-acting in molecular biology, an external factor which acts on a molecule * TRANS.COM, an 8080/Z80 to 8088/8086 computer code translator


* Trans or trans*, an abbreviated form of transgender or transsexual *''Trans: Gender and Race in an Age of Unsettled Identities'', a book about gender and race identity

Other uses

* Transition House Association of Nova Scotia (TRANS), Canada * FC Narva Trans, an Estonian football team

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