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The TRAN DIALECT is a Bulgarian dialect, member of the Transitional dialects , which is spoken in the regions of Tran and Godech in central western Bulgaria and in the Western Outlands
Western Outlands
. It borders on the Belogradchik dialect to the north, the Sofia dialect to the east and the Breznik dialect to the south.


* The reflexes of Old Bulgarian ръ/рь and лъ/ль are either vocalic r and l or ър (əR) and лъ(Lə), depending on individual words and subdialects: крв but кърстът (blood, the cross) vs. Standard Bulgarian кръв, кръстът and жлт/жлът vs. Standard Bulgarian жълт (yellow) * Triple definite article (as in the Rhodopean Smolyan dialect ): -ът, -та, -то, -те/та for general cases, -ъв, -ва, -во, -ве/ва for objects situated close to the speaker and -ън, -на, -но, -не/на for objects situated far from the speaker. The -ъв/-ън forms have now become obsolete * Doubling of the definite article for feminine nouns ending on a consonant (as in the Gabrovo subdialect of the Central Balkan dialect ): памет->паметуту vs. Standard Bulgarian памет->паметта (memory->the memory)

For other phonological and morphological characteristics typical for all Transitional dialects, cf. Transitional Bulgarian dialects .


Стойков, Стойко: Българска диалектология, Акад. изд. "Проф. Марин Дринов", 2006

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Dialects of the Bulgarian language



* Shumen


* Central Balkan * Kotel-Elena-Dryanovo * Panagyurishte * Pirdop * Teteven * Erkech * Subbalkan


* Strandzha * Thracian * Smolyan * Hvoyna * Chepino * Paulician * Zlatograd * Babyak * Razlog * Serres-Nevrokop 1



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* Botevgrad * Vratsa * Ihtiman * Elin Pelin * Sofia * Samokov * Dupnitsa * Kyustendil * Maleshevo-Pirin 1 * Solun-Kukush 1


* Tran * Breznik * Belogradchik


* Banat Bulgarian * Wallachian * Transylvanian * Former USSR * Anatolian

1 Also considered a dialect of Macedonian .

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