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Hitlisten is a Danish top 40 record chart that is presented every Thursday midnight at hitlisten.nu. The weekly Danish singles chart Track Top-40 combines the 40 best selling tracks from legal music downloads and the sales of music singles on either CD or vinyl. The data are collected by Nielsen Music Control, who also compile the chart on behalf of IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry).


1 1965–1993: Early IFPI charts 2 1993–2001: Nielsen Music Control & IFPI 3 2001–2007: Hitlisten 4 2007–present: Tracklisten/Hitlisten 5 See also 6 References 7 External links

1965–1993: Early IFPI charts[edit] This chart began in April 1965 as a monthly top 20 chart compiled by the Danish branch of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). It was published in several major Danish newspapers. Prior to that several Danish charts were compiled by competing newspapers. From April 1969 it went weekly after Denmark's Radio stopped publishing their weekly top 20 chart.[1] From May 1973 to December 1978 singles and albums were presented on the same chart due to a request from Denmark's Radio for variety in their chart show.[2] During this period only few singles reached the top. The formats were finally split again in January 1979. 1993–2001: Nielsen Music Control & IFPI[edit] Danish IFPI continued producing single charts in the 1980s and 1990s even though not many singles were sold. From 1993 the Danish charts have been compiled by Nielsen Music Control (originally AC Nielsen). 2001–2007: Hitlisten[edit] The Danish Singles Chart Hitlisten consisting of Single Top-20 and Download Top 20 was relaunched 1 January 2001 and served as official chart for Danish record sales until end of October 2007. 2007–present: Tracklisten/Hitlisten[edit] The track list was established on 2 November 2007 replacing the Hitlisten charts that were discontinued end of October 2007.[3] The chart is supervised by IFPI Denmark
and contains three charts:

Track Top-40 (for singles) Album Top-40 (for albums) Streaming Top-20. (for singles)

Hitlisten also continues to publish specialised charts:

Compilation Top-10 Bit Album Top-20 Bit Track Top-20 Ringtoner Top-10 Airplay Top-20 (for radio airplays) Musik DVD Top-10 Entertainment DVD Top-10 TV-serie DVD Top-20

Track list was also updated back to week 1, 2007, thus creating an overlap of sometimes differing chart #1s between Hitlisten and Tracklisten for the period 1 January 2007 and 2 November 2007 (weeks 1 to 42 / 2007). For this period, the Hitlisten charts continue to be considered as the official charts for singles record sales.[citation needed] See also[edit]

List of number-one hits (Denmark)


^ Billboard: IFPI forms sales chart (May 3, 1969) ^ The first mixed IFPI chart from May 1 1973 ^ "Hit-nyt: Singlelisten bliver til Tracklisten". IFPI Danmark. 2007-10-23.  (English translation)

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Hitlisten website The official Danish music charts – archive of Tracklisten goes back to week 1, 2007 Danish Charts website – The official Danish music charts – Archive goes back to week 5, 2001 (however, before November 2, 2007 only Singles Top-20 appear) Danskehitlister Official Danish Charts (from to May 1973 to March 1977 (Site in Danish) Danskehitlister Official Danish Year End Charts (1966 to 1976 (Site in Danish))

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List of number-one hits in Denmark


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