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TOYS-TO-LIFE is a video game feature using physical figurines or action figures to interact within the game. These toys use a near field communication (NFC), radio frequency identification (RFID), or image recognition data protocol to determine the individual figurine's proximity, and save a player's progress data to a storage medium located within that piece. It is one of the most lucrative branches of the video game industry, with the Skylanders
franchise alone selling more than $3 billion worth over the course of four years.

Toys-to-life games generally use a third-person camera view, and have in-game power-up figurines. Toys-to-life games generally have an accompanying portal device that is used to "transport" the figurine's character and associated player data into the game. The figurines can be transferred from each game in the franchise, possibly resetting with every different installment.


* 1 On-going

* 1.1 Skylanders
(2011-present) * 1.2 Amiibo (2014-present) * 1.3 Lego Dimensions
Lego Dimensions
(2015-present) * 1.4 Lightseekers Awakening (2017-present)

* 2 Discontinued

* 2.1 U.B. Funkeys (2007-2010) * 2.2 Disney Infinity
Disney Infinity
(2013-2016) * 2.3 Disney Playmation
(2015-2016) * 2.4 "Hero Plug And Play" (2015-2016) * 2.5 Sick Bricks (2015)

* 3 References * 4 External links



Main article: Skylanders

(2011) is one of the most successful early games of this genre. Since its first release, each year has seen a new installment in the series, totaling six as of 2016 . Each game has its own portal device and a different take on the premise than past games. They star the Skylander heroes and the evil antagonist Kaos. All current figurines are compatible with its most recent installment, Skylanders: Imaginators (2016). There will be no Skylanders
game in 2017.


Main article: Amiibo

Amiibo (2014) is a toys-to-life platform primarily based on Nintendo properties and characters, as well some third-party non-Nintendo characters like Pac-Man , Mega Man , Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog
, Ryu and Cloud Strife that have appeared in Nintendo
games. Launching in 2014 with figurines, Nintendo
has since also deployed Amiibo-compatible playing cards, with plans for other media in the future. Unlike most other toys-to-life series, Amiibo does not have games dedicated exclusively to the use of the toys, but the characters are used throughout various Nintendo
games. Amiibo toys can save players' progress data and information per game. They have even released plush toy Amiibo for Yoshi\'s Woolly World and Poochy -webkit-column-width: 30em; column-width: 30em; list-style-type: decimal;">

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