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The Toyota
Technological Institute (豊田工業大学, Toyota
Kōgyō Daigaku) (commonly referred to as TTI) is a university located in Nagoya, Japan. Founded in 1981 by a large endowment from Toyota
Motors Corporation, it originally only accepted students with some industrial work experience. TTI has a School of Engineering, a Master's Program and a Doctoral Program. The programs consist of three areas of coursework: Mechanical Systems Engineering, Electronics & Information Science, and Materials Science & Engineering. [3] In 2003 Toyota
also opened the Toyota
Technological Institute at Chicago, jointly with the University of Chicago. This campus is mainly for the Ph.D students, studying Machine Learning, Algorithms & Complexity, Computer Vision, Speech Technologies and Computational Biology.[4] Although TTI is a new and tiny university, it has been rapidly growing its reputation, as TSU ranked TTI as the 5th best Japanese university in 2010 and 4th in 2011.[5][6] In this ranking, TTI has a best employment rate among all Japanese Universities. In 2012, TTI was ranked 1st in Asia in terms of average number of publication per faculty by the QS World University Rankings.[7] References[edit]

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