Townships are the third-level administrative subdivisions of counties of Taiwan, along with county-administered cities. After World War II, the townships were established from the following conversions on the Japanese administrative divisions: Although local laws do not enforce strict standards for classifying them, generally urban townships have a larger population and more business and industry than rural townships, but not to the extent of county-administered cities. Under townships, there is still the village as the fourth or basic level of administration. As of 2017, there are totally 184 townships in Taiwan, including 38 urban townships, 122 rural townships and 24 mountain indigenous townships. Penghu and Lienchiang are the only two counties that do not have urban townships.

Statistics of townships

List of townships by county

Township names are now transliterated using the Hanyu Pinyin romanization system without tone marks. Note that the ''county'' names do not necessarily use Hanyu Pinyin or special case such as Lukang. Colors indicate the common language status of Formosan languages, Hakka or Matsu dialect within each division.

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