According to the Government of Burkina Faso, 433,778 tourists visited the country in 2011.[1]

The Center


Sites of interest to tourists in Ouagadougou include: the Park of Bangr Weogo, the National museum of Ouagadougou,[2] the International Art & Craft Fair, and the Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou.


Sites of interest in Ziniaré include: the Ziniare Wildlife Park, the granite sculpture symposium, which takes place every two years,[3] and the Museum of Manega.[4]


Sites of interest in Koudougou includes the sacred crocodiles of Sabou.[5]

The West


Grand Mosque of Bobo Dioulasso

Sites of interest in Bobo-Dioulasso include: the Grand Mosque,[6] the mausoleum of Guimbi Ouattara,[7] the Houet Provincial Museum, and the Guinguette.[2]


Sites of interest in Banfora include: the Natural Waterfall of Banfora, Lake Tengrela, and the Peaks of Sindou.[2]

The East


Sites of interest in Diapaga include: Arli National Park, W National Park, and the cliffs of Gobnangou.[8]

The Sahel


Sites of interest in Djibo include the Archaeological Museum of Pobé Mengao and the stone carvings of Pobé Mengao.[9]

Gorom Gorom

Sites of interest in Gorom Gorom include the Feminine Artisan Center of Gorom and the tourist camp of Gorom Gorom.[9]

Visitor statistics

Most visitors arriving to Burkina Faso for tourism purposes were from the following countries of nationality:[10]

Country 2014 2013
 France 29,311 35,715
 China 17,651 2,492
 Ivory Coast 16,509 18,852
 Mali 12,469 16,065
 Benin 8,113 8,622
 Niger 7,766 11,265
 Netherlands 7,580 3,009
 Senegal 6,824 9,566
 Togo 6,498 8,604
 Ghana 6,074 7,090
Total 181,410 206,954


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