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torus In geometry, a torus (plural tori, colloquially donut or doughnut) is a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three-dimensional space about an axis that is coplanar with the circle. If the axis of revolution does not to ...
, pl. tori, is a type of surface. Torus may also refer to:


* ''Torus'' (album), a 2013 album by Sub Focus *''Torus'', a 2017 EP by
Merzbow is a Japanese noise project started in 1979 by , best known for a style of harsh, confrontational noise. Since 1980, Akita has released over 400 recordings and has collaborated with various artists. The name Merzbow comes from the German dada ...
(Masami Akita)

Science and technology


* A semicircular molding – see Molding (decorative)#Types


* Three-torus model of the universe, a model for describing the shape of the universe


Receptacle (botany) In botany, the receptacle refers to vegetative tissues near the end of reproductive stems that are situated below or encase the reproductive organs. Angiosperms In angiosperms, the receptacle or torus (an older term is thalamus, as in Thalamifl ...
, the thickened part of a stem from which the flower and fruit parts grow *
Sagittal keel In the human skull, a sagittal keel, or sagittal torus, is a thickening of part or all of the midline of the frontal bone, or parietal bones where they meet along the sagittal suture, or on both bones. Sagittal keels differ from sagittal crests ...
, or sagittal torus, a structure found in crania * Torus, a structure of the xylem


* Torus knot * Algebraic torus * Umbilic torus * Genus-2 surface, also called "double torus" *
Maximal torus In the mathematical theory of compact Lie groups a special role is played by torus subgroups, in particular by the maximal torus subgroups. A torus in a compact Lie group ''G'' is a compact, connected, abelian Lie subgroup of ''G'' (and theref ...
* Clifford torus


Torus palatinus A torus palatinus (pl. tori palatini), or palatal torus (pl. palatal tori), is a bony protrusion on the palate. Palatal tori are usually present on the midline of the hard palate.Neville, B.W., D. Damm, C. Allen, J. Bouquot. ''Oral & Maxillofaci ...
, a bony growth on the palate *
Torus mandibularis Torus mandibularis is a bony growth in the mandible along the surface nearest to the tongue. Mandibular tori are usually present near the premolars and above the location of the mylohyoid muscle's attachment to the mandible. In 90% of cases, the ...
, a bony growth on the mandible * Torus tubarius, the base of the opening of Eustachian tube into the nasopharynx * Torus fracture, a term used in radiology to describe an incomplete fracture of the distal radius in children where there is no obvious fracture line on any radiograph.

Nuclear physics

* Torus (nuclear physics), a subtype of tokamak *
Joint European Torus The Joint European Torus, or JET, is an operational magnetically confined plasma physics experiment, located at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in Oxfordshire, UK. Based on a tokamak design, the fusion research facility is a joint European pr ...
, an experimental nuclear fusion reactor

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* Torus (housing association)

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