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Thorsten (Thorstein, Torstein, Torsten) is a Scandinavian given name. The Old Norse name was ''Þórsteinn''. It is a compound of the theonym ''Þór'' (''Thor'') and ''steinn'' "stone", which became ''Thor'' and ''sten'' in Old Danish and Old ''Nordic Names'' Retrieved 16 December 2021
/ref> The name is one of a group of Old Norse names containing the theonym ''Thor'', besides other such as ''Þórarin, Þórhall, Thorkel, Þórkell, Thorfinn (disambiguation), Þórfinnr, Thorvald, Þórvald, Þórvarðr, Thorolf, Þórolf'', most of which, however, do not survive as modern names given with any frequency. The name is attested in medieval Iceland, e.g. Thorstein the Red, Þorsteinn rauður Ólafsson (circa 850-880), Thorstein Eríksson, Þōrsteinn Eirīkssonr (late 10th century), and in literature such as ''Draumr Þorsteins Síðu-Hallssonar''. The Old English equivalent of the Scandinavian and Norman name is ''Thurstan'', attested after the Norman conquest of England in the 11th century as the name of a medieval archbishop of York (d. 1140), of an abbot of Pershore Abbey, Pershore (1080s) and of an abbot of Glastonbury (1090s). The English surname Thurston (name), Thurston is presumably derived from this given name. The English given name Dustin (given name), Dustin is derived from a surname which in origin may have been derived in turn from the Scandinavian given name. As a modern given name, Thorsten and Torsten also see some popularity in the English-speaking world and in German-speaking Europe.

Modern people with this name

;Pre-World War I births *Thorsten Guttormsen Fretheim (born 1808), Norwegian politician *Thorsten Nordenfelt (1842–1920), Swedish inventor and industrialist * Thorstein Veblen (1857–1929), Norwegian-American sociologist and economist * Thorstein John Ohnstad Fretheim (1886–1971), Norwegian politician *Thorsten Grönfors (1888–1968), Swedish sailor and tennis player * Thorstein Johansen (1888–1963), Norwegian rifle shooter *Torstein Kvamme (1893–1985), Norwegian politician for the Christian Democratic Party *Thorsten Sellin (1896–1994), American sociologist at the University of Pennsylvania, a penologist and scientific criminologist *Torstein Børte (1899–1985), Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party *Torstein Selvik (1900–1983), Norwegian politician for the Labour Party *Thorsten Svensson (1901–1954), Swedish football (soccer) player *Torstein Olav Kuvaas (1908–1996), Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party * Thorstein Treholt (1911–1993), Norwegian politician ;1914–1945 births *Thorsten Andersson (1923-2018), Swedish toponymist *Torstein Eckhoff (1916–1993), Norwegian civil servant, professor of law at the University of Oslo *Torsten Engberg (1934–2018), Swedish Coastal Artillery lieutenant general *Þorsteinn Gylfason (1942–2005), Icelandic intellectual *Torstein Hansen (born 1943), former Norwegian handball player *Torsten Lindh (1941–2020), Swedish Navy rear admiral *Torstein Moland (born 1945), Norwegian economist *Torstein Raaby DSO (1919–1964), Norwegian telegrapher, resistance fighter and explorer *Torstein Slungård (born 1931), Norwegian politician from the Liberal Party *Torstein Tynning (1932–2000), Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party ;Post-World War II births *Torstein Dahle (born 1947), Norwegian politician and economist *Torstein Rudihagen (born 1952), Norwegian politician for the Labour Party *Torstein Flakne (born 1960), the founder of the Norwegian band Stage Dolls *Thorsten Flinck(born 1961), Swedish musician *Torsten Gütschow (born 1962), German football striker *Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen (born 1964), contemporary Norwegian composer *Torsten Bréchôt (born 1964), East German judoka* *Torsten Gejl (born 1964), Danish politician *Thorsten Overgaard (born 1965), Danish photographer *Thorsten Kaye (born 1966), American-based actor *Thorsten Fink (born 1967), German football coach and former player *Thorsten Legat (born 1968), German football coach and a retired player *Thorsten Dauth (born 1968), German decathlete *Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel (born 1969), German politician of the SPD *Torsten Amft (born 1971), German fashion designer *Thorsten Schmugge (born 1971), German footballer *Torsten Abel (born 1974), German triathlete *Thorsten Schmitt (born 1975), German Nordic combined skier *Thorsten Leibenath (born 1975), German basketball coach and basketball player *Thorsten Wittek (born 1976), former German football player *Torsten Frings (born 1976), German football midfielder * Thorstein Helstad (born 1977), Norwegian footballer *Torstein Lofthus (born 1977), Norwegian drummer *Thorsten Quaeschning, German musician of the band Tangerine Dream *Thorsten Nehrbauer (born 1978), German football player currently playing for Kickers Emden *Thorsten Hohmann (born 1979), German professional pool player *Thorsten Becker (born 1980), German footballer *Thorsten Burkhardt (born 1981), German football player *Thorsten Stuckmann (born 1981), German football player *Thorsten Barg (born 1986), German football player *Thorsten Engelmann (born 1981), German rower *Thorsten Kirschbaum (born 1987), German footballer *Torstein Horgmo (born 1987), Norwegian pro snowboarder *Torstein Andersen Aase (born 1991), Norwegian football striker *Torsten Loibl (born 1972), German basketball coach *Yaw Tog, Thorsten Owusu Gyimah (born 2003) Ghanaian drill rapper

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