Tony commonly refers to: * Tony (given name) * Tony Award, a Broadway theatre honor Tony may also refer to:


* Tony T., stage name of British singer, rapper and DJ Neal Antone Dyer (born 1971) * Tony (album), ''Tony'' (album), a 1957 album by Tony Bennett * "T.O.N.Y.", a 2008 song by Solange Knowles

Film and television

* Tony (1982 film), ''Tony'' (1982 film), a 1982 Kannada film * Tony (2009 film), ''Tony'' (2009 film), a 2009 British horror film directed by Gerard Johnson * Tony (2013 film), ''Tony'' (2013 film), a 2013 Indian Kannada thriller film * Tony (Skins series 1), "Tony" (''Skins'' series 1), an episode of British comedy-drama ''Skins'' * Tony (Skins series 2), "Tony" (''Skins'' series 2), an episode of ''Skins''

Other uses

* Kawasaki Ki-61, a Japanese World War II fighter aircraft code-named "Tony" * Tony, Wisconsin, a village in the United States

See also

* * Toni (disambiguation) * Tonie, Kraków, a neighborhood of the city of Kraków, Poland * Toney (disambiguation) * Tonny (disambiguation) *Torny Pedersen {{Disambiguation