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TONY FISHER is a British puzzle designer, who specialises in creating custom rotational puzzles . He is acknowledged by cubing enthusiasts as a pioneer in the creation of new puzzle designs and new manufacturing techniques.


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Fisher first began creating puzzles in 1981, when he modified two existing Rubik’s cubes by joining them along one edge to create a new device called the Siamese cube. This has been accredited as the first example of a “handmade modified rotational puzzle”. Tony Fisher at a puzzle event with one of his puzzles

In 1995 Fisher further modified the conventional rotational puzzle design by shifting its cutting planes to create a 3x3x4 cube. This invention was further adapted in the creation of 2x3x4, 3x3x5 and 4x4x5 cube puzzles. Another technique, initially developed by Geert Hellings , rounded the centre piece of a conventional 4x4x4 cube to create additional turning layers for a uniform 2x2x4, 6x6x6 and non-uniform 2x2x6. Fisher’s Golden Cubes, initially intended to be released as the Millennium Cube, began production in the early 2000s. Created by modifying the Skewb
, it is the first example of a rotational puzzle that features just one colour scheme, requiring the solver to restore the cube’s shape without the visual aid of having separate colours for each side. The Golden Cube is considered to be Fisher’s most unusual contribution to the design of new combination puzzles, and has been mass-produced by Uwe Meffert .

This cube puzzle was followed by the Cube, using the modified mechanism from an Eastsheen 4x4x4 cube, and in 2007 the Hexaminx puzzle, a cubic version of the Megaminx
for which Fisher has used new manufacturing techniques involving polyurethane resins .

Since 1981 Fisher has designed and crafted around 100 puzzles based on different puzzle mechanisms. As well as puzzle manufacturing, he has also worked for Suffolk County Council
Suffolk County Council
as an archaeologist .


Examples of Fisher’s puzzle designs can be found at the Puzzle Museum, including his Cylinder Cube, Golden Cube, Hexagonal Prism, Truncated Octaminx and Truncated Octahedron.


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