Tony Fisher is a British puzzle designer who specialises in creating custom rotational puzzles. He is acknowledged by cubing enthusiasts as a pioneer in the creation of new puzzle designs and new manufacturing techniques.[1][2][3] In 2017 the Guinness Book of World Records acknowledged Fisher as the creator of the world's largest Rubik's cube.[4]


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Career[edit] Fisher is both a puzzle collector and designer.[5] He first bought a Rubik's Cube in 1980 when it was first released in the UK.[6] He worked out his own solution to solve it.[6] Fisher first began creating puzzles in 1981, when he modified two existing Rubik’s cubes by joining them along one edge to create a new device called the Siamese cube.[1] This has been accredited as the first example of a “handmade modified rotational puzzle”.[1]

Tony Fisher at a puzzle event with one of his puzzles

In 1995 Fisher further modified the conventional rotational puzzle design by shifting its cutting planes to create a 3x3x4 cube.[1] This invention was further adapted in the creation of 2x3x4, 3x3x5 and 4x4x5 cube puzzles. Another technique, initially developed by Geert Hellings, rounded the centre piece of a conventional 4x4x4 cube to create additional turning layers for a uniform 2x2x4, 6x6x6 and non-uniform 2x2x6.[1] Fisher’s Golden Cubes, initially intended to be released as the Millennium Cube, began production in the early 2000s.[2] Created by modifying the Skewb, it is the first example of a rotational puzzle that features just one colour scheme, requiring the solver to restore the cube’s shape without the visual aid of having separate colours for each side.[1] The Golden Cube is considered to be Fisher’s most unusual contribution to the design of new combination puzzles,[1] and has been mass-produced by Uwe Meffert.[2] This cube puzzle was followed by the Cube, using the modified mechanism from an Eastsheen 4x4x4 cube, and in 2007 the Hexaminx puzzle, a cubic version of the Megaminx for which Fisher has used new manufacturing techniques involving polyurethane resins.[1] Since 1981 Fisher has designed and crafted around 100 puzzles based on different puzzle mechanisms.[1] As well as puzzle manufacturing, he has also worked for Suffolk County Council as an archaeologist.[7] Guinness World Record[edit] At the beginning of 2016 he built the world's largest Rubik's Cube, which took him a total 156 hours to build in his garage.[6] It was 1.57 metres tall and weighed 100 kilograms.[8] He released a sped-up video showing how he spent two days working to solve the massive puzzle.[6] In 2017 the Guinness Book of World Records acknowledged Fisher as the creator of the world's largest Rubik's cube, which measured 1.57m long, created in 2016.[4][9][10] Other novelty cubes[edit] In June 2016 Fisher also created the world's smallest functioning Rubik's Cube which measured only 5.6 millimetres on each side.[11][12] In December 2017 he unveiled a Rubik’s Cube which was made from 95% ice.[13] His other creations include a Rubik's Cube made from candles; one made from cheese; and one made from chocolate.[5][14] Fidget spinner[edit] In June 2017 he unveiled the world largest fidget spinner.[15] The spinner had a diameter of over 3.3 metres, and took him 40 hours to build.[16] Puzzle designs[edit] Examples of Fisher’s puzzle designs can be found at the Puzzle Museum, including his Cylinder Cube, Golden Cube, Hexagonal Prism, Truncated Octaminx and Truncated Octahedron. References[edit]

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