Toni, la Chef, is a Colombian telenovela produced by Nickelodeon Latin America. On April 29, 2015, ClaroVideo published three chapters before the premiere of the series.[2][3]


This new series follows the adventures of Toni Parra, a bold and rebellious teenager who has a passion for cooking, as well as great skill to get into trouble. As soon as she moves to Miami to live with her grandmother, Toni will face a new world, in which nothing seems to be what it is. The "magical" spices and condiments used for cooking have unexpected effects, the neighbouring restaurant has declared war and her grandmother continually tries to "tame her".


  • Ana María Estupiñán as Toni Parra
  • Patricio Gallardo as Nacho Rosales
  • Luis Álvarez Lozano as Leandro Miranda
  • Josette Vidal as Sara Fuccinelli
  • Alma Matrecito as Diana Ochoa
  • Ángela Rincón as Olivia González
  • Jonathan Freudman as Frenchie Fuccinelli
  • Jorge Eduardo García as Dante
  • Samuel Sadovnik as Bigotes
  • Alonzo Arellano as Juan El Futbolista
  • Frank Fernandez as Pedro Sue Chef
  • Jeannete Lehr as Dolores
  • Lucia Gomez Robledo as Teresa
  • Alejandro Toro as Gaucho

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated Result
2015 Kids Choice Awards México[4][5] Favorite Actor Patricio Gallardo Nominated[5][4]
Favorite Actor Luis Álvarez Nominated[5][4]
Favorite Actress Ana María Estupiñán Nominated[5][4]
Favorite Program or Series Toni, la Chef Nominated[5][4]


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