Tiquipaya is a town in the Cochabamba Department in central Bolivia. It is the seat of the Tiquipaya Municipality, the third municipal section of the Quillacollo Province. The town hosts the Universidad del Valle (UNIVALLE) that helps in the economy of the region as a result of the services required. Around 2% of the population of Tiquipaya was born in a foreign country. Most of them are students from Brasil.

Map showing the location of Tiquipaya


(in Spanish) Instituto Nacional de Estadistica de Bolivia (INE)

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Cochabamba Department

Capital: Cochabamba


Arani Arque Ayopaya Bolívar Capinota Carrasco Cercado Chapare Esteban Arce Germán Jordán Mizque Narciso Campero Punata Quillacollo Tapacarí Tiraque

Municipalities (and seats)

Aiquile (Aiquile) Alalay (Alalay) Anzaldo (Anzaldo) Arani (Arani) Arbieto (Arbieto) Arque (Arque) Ayopaya (Ayopaya) Bolívar (Bolívar) Capinota (Capinota) Chimoré (Chimoré) Cliza (Cliza) Cocapata (Cocapata) Cochabamba (Cochabamba) Colcapirhua (Colcapirhua) Colomi (Colomi) Cuchumuela (Cuchumuela) Entre Ríos Municipality (Entre Ríos) Mizque (Mizque) Morochata (Morochata) Omereque (Omereque) Pasorapa (Pasorapa) Pocona (Pocona) Pojo (Pojo) Puerto Villarroel (Puerto Villarroel) Punata (Punata) Quillacollo (Quillacollo) Sacaba (Sacaba) Sacabamba (Sacabamba) San Benito (San Benito) Santiváñez (Santiváñez) Shinahota (Shinahota) Sicaya (Sicaya) Sipe Sipe (Sipe Sipe) Tacachi (Tacachi) Tacopaya (Tacopaya) Tapacarí (Tapacarí) Tarata (Tarata) Tiquipaya (Tiquipaya) Tiraque (Tiraque) Toco (Toco) Tolata (Tolata) Totora (Totora) Vacas (Vacas) Vila Vila (Vila Vila) Villa Rivero (Villa Rivero) Villa Tunari (Villa Tunari) Vinto (Vinto)

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