The Info List - Tipulomorpha

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The TIPULOMORPHA are an infraorder of Nematocera
, containing the crane flies , a very large group, and allied families.

One recent classification based largely on fossils splits this group into a series of extinct superfamilies (below), and includes members of other infraorders, but this has not gained wide acceptance.


* Superfamily Eopolyneuroidea

* Family Eopolyneuridae - (Upper Triassic) * Family Musidoromimidae - (Upper Triassic)

* Superfamily Tipulodictyoidea extinct

* Family Tipulodictyidae - (Upper Triassic)

* Superfamily Tanyderophryneoidea extinct

* Family Tanyderophryneidae - (Middle Jurassic)

* Superfamily Tipuloidea

* Family Architipulidae extinct (Upper Triassic)-(Pan Jurassic) * Family Eolimnobiidae extinct (Lower Jurassic)

* Superfamily Eoptychopteroidea extinct

* Family Eoptychopteridae - (Lower