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3 is a number, numeral, and glyph. 3, three, or III may also refer to:

<3 or the heart symbol, which cannot be redirected because of technical limitations. AD 3, the third year of the AD era 3 BC, the third year before the AD era The month of March An approximation of pi to the nearest integer An approximation of e to the nearest integer


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Three of Them (Russian: Трое, literally, "three"), a 1901 novel by Maksim Gorky Three, a 1946 novel by William Sansom Three, a 1970 novel by Sylvia Ashton-Warner Three (novel), a 2003 suspense novel by Ted Dekker 3, a 2004 novel by Julie Hilden Three, a collection of three plays by Lillian Hellman Three By Flannery O'Connor, collection Flannery O'Connor bibliography


3 (telecommunications)
3 (telecommunications)
or Three, a global telecommunications brand operating in Europe and Asia

3 Hong Kong, telecommunications company operating in Hong Kong Three UK, British telecommunications and internet service provider Three Ireland, Irish telecommunications company 3Arena, indoor amphitheatre in Ireland operating with the "3" brand


Three (1965 film), a Yugoslavian film by Aleksandar Petrović Three (1969 film), starring Charlotte Rampling and Sam Waterston 3 (1971 film), a Norwegian film by Nicole Macé Three (2002 film), an Asian horror movie collaboration 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story, a 2004 television movie Survival Island
Survival Island
or Three, a 2006 film starring Billy Zane and Kelly Brook Three (2006 film), based on the novel with the same name Three (2008 film), a Telugu film Three – Love, Lies and Betrayal, a 2009 film starring Aashish Chaudhary, Nausheen Ali Sardar & Akshay Kapoor Three (2010 film), a German film also known as 3 3 (2012 Tamil film), a Tamil film starring Dhanush and Shruti Haasan 3 (2012 Uruguayan film), a Uruguayan drama film directed by Pablo Stoll Three (2016 film), a Hong Kong-Chinese film by Johnnie To 3 (2018 film), a Kannada film starring Pooja Gandhi


Three (TV series), a 1998 American series 3 (TV series), a 2012 CBS reality television series "3" (The X-Files), a 1994 episode 3%, a 2016 Brazilian dystopian thriller series 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story, a 2004 television movie Three's Company, 1970's TV series BBC Three, a British television channel Channel 3, television channel traditionally associated with ITV (TV network) in the UK Three (New Zealand), a New Zealand television channel

Music[edit] Music theory and notation[edit]

The mediant, the third note in a major or minor scale, often called a third and notated III or iii A triad (music), a chord with three notes, usually spaced in thirds The tritone, an interval that splits the octave into three equal spaces A triplet, a type of tuplet, where a beat is split into three spaces


3 (1980s band), a rock band of Keith Emerson, Robert Berry and Carl Palmer 3 (American band), an experimental progressive band based in Woodstock, New York Three (band), a post hardcore band signed to Dischord Records Three, an 1960s advant-gaurde jazz group fronted by Don Francks BK3, Three or 3, a band with Bill Kreutzmann, Scott Murawski and Oteil Burbridge #3, the pseudonym of American musician Chris Fehn
Chris Fehn
when performing with Slipknot


Acid King III, by Acid King, 2005 AB III, by Alter Bridge, 2010 Three, by APB (band), 2007 Three, by Armageddon (Swedish band), 2002 3 (The Atomic Bitchwax album), 2005 III (BadBadNotGood album), 2014 III, by Dany Bédar, 2008 3 (Bo Bice album), 2010 Three (The Black Heart Procession album), 2000 Black Widow III, an album by Black Widow (band), 1972 III (Gui Boratto album), 2011 III (Chad Brock album), 2001 3 (Buffalo Killers album), 2011 3 (The Butchies album), 2001 Three (The John Butler Trio album), 2001 3 (Calogero album), 2004 Chicago III, by Chicago, 1971 Three (Charlotte Church EP), 2013 (III) (Crystal Castles album), 2012 Danzig III: How the Gods Kill, by Danzig, 1992 III (Download album), 1997 Three (End of Everything album), 2006 III (Espers album), 2009 III (Eths album), 2012 III (Family Force 5 album), 2011 3, by Final, 2006 3 (FireHouse album), 1995 Focus 3, by Focus, 1972 III (Foster the People EP), 2017 Three (Gloriana album), 2015 III (Haloo Helsinki! album), 2011 Three, by Honey, 2001 3 (HoneyHoney album), 2015 3 (Ich Troje album), 1999 3 (Indochine album), 1985 Three (Bob James album), 1976 BK3
(album) by Bruce Kulick, 2010 Led Zeppelin III, by Led Zeppelin, 1970 3 (Mastedon album), 2009 III (Maylene and the Sons of Disaster album), 2009 iii (Miike Snow album), 2016 III (Moistboyz album), 2002 III (Stanton Moore album), 2006 III (Mt. Egypt album), 2009 III (Joe Nichols album), 2005 3 (Netsky album), 2009 (also stylised III) Three (Nine Days album), 1998 3 (Nouvelle Vague album), 2009 III (Orbital EP), 1991 3, by Peace Love & Pitbulls, 1997 Three (Ph.D. album), 2009 Three (Phantogram album), 2016 Three (Joel Plaskett album), 2009 3 (Pole album), 2000 3rd (The Rasmus EP), 1996 Phase Three, by Riverdales, 2003 Santana (1971 album), Santana, 1971 (often referred to as III) 3 (Alejandro Sanz album), 1995 #3 (The Script album), 2012 Sebadoh III, by Sebadoh, 1991 #3 (Shakespears Sister album), 2004 III (Shiny Toy Guns album), 2012 III (Bob Sinclar album), 2003 3 (Smack EP), 2008 3's, by Smile Empty Soul, 2012 3 (Soulfly album), 2002 III (S.O.S. Band album), 1982 Threes
(album), by Sparta, 2006 #3 (Suburban Kids with Biblical Names album), 2005 Three (Sugababes album), 2003 III (Take That album), 2014 Billy Talent III, by Billy Talent, 2009 Three (Tubeless Hearts album), 1994 3 (Typical Cats album), 2012 Three (U2 EP), 1979 Van Halen III, by Van Halen, 1998 3 (Violent Femmes album), 1989


"3" (Britney Spears song), 2009 "3", a song by Disturbed from their 2011 album The Lost Children "3", a 1986 song by Ultravox used as B-side of "Same Old Story", and re-released on U-Vox Song Three, a song from the Mahagonny-Songspiel Song 3, a song from the 2002 Robbie Williams album Escapology (album) "Three", a song by Strawberry Alarm Clock "Three", a song by Jimmy Newman "Three", a song by Massive Attack from the 1994 album Protection "Three", a song by The Wedding Present, from Hit Parade 1 "Three", a song by Future and Young Thug from the 2017 mixtape Super Slimey "Tres" (song), aka "3", a 2008 song by Juanes "The Magic Number", a song by De La Soul, sometimes erroneously called "The Three Song", from their album 3 Feet High and Rising "3", a song by Flume from the album, Skin ".3", a song by Porcupine Tree from the album, In Absentia


3 Songs (other) 3 EPs, a 1994 Tall Dwarfs EP The Three E.P.'s, a 1998 The Beta Band album


3, polyvinyl chloride's resin identification code used in recycling DVD region code
DVD region code
3, used for many East Asian countries (except for Japan (Region 2) and China (Region 6))

Similar glyphs[edit]

Open-mid central unrounded vowel, ɜ, of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), used in Cherokee and some English pronunciation Ezh (letter), Ʒ, a symbol for dram

Lowercase ezh, ʒ, representing the Voiced palato-alveolar sibilant
Voiced palato-alveolar sibilant
of the IPA, used in several African languages

ℨ, a symbol for dram (unit) and Gothic font letter Z Yogh
or Ȝ, letter used in Middle English and Middle Scots Gyfu or Gar (rune) Anglo Saxon runes transliterated as ȝ Ze (Cyrillic)
Ze (Cyrillic)
or З, eleventh letter of Kazakh, tenth letter of Ukrainian, Dungan, ninth letter of Russian, Belarusian, Uzbek, Serbo-Croatian, Mongolian, eighth letter of Bulgarian and Kyrgyz alphabets; and Cyrillic numeral 7 E (Cyrillic)
E (Cyrillic)
or Э, fortieth letter of Kazakh, thirty-fifth letter of Dungan, thirty-third letter of Mongolian, thirty-first letter of Russian, thirtieth letter of Belarusian, twenty-eighth letter of Kyrgyz, and twenty-seventh letter of Uzbek alphabets Abkhazian Dze
Abkhazian Dze
or Ӡ, nineteenth letter of Abkhazian Cyrillic script alphabet Ro (kana)
Ro (kana)
or ろ, in hiragana Japanese script Da̰ dwé or ဒ, nineteenth letter of Burmese alphabet Vin or ვ, sixth letter of Georgian alphabet
Georgian alphabet
and Georgian numeral 6 Kan or კ, eleventh letter of Georgian alphabet
Georgian alphabet
and Georgian numeral 20 Par or პ, seventeenth letter of Georgian alphabet
Georgian alphabet
and Georgian numeral 80 Vie or ჳ, obsolete twenty-second letter of Georgian alphabet Hi or Յ, twenty-first letter of Armenian alphabet
Armenian alphabet
and Armenian numeral 300 ౩, Telugu alphabet numeral 3 ૩, Gujarati alphabet numeral 3 ३, Devanagari numeral 3 ੩, Gurmukhī alphabet numeral 3 ༣, Tibetan alphabet
Tibetan alphabet
numeral 3

Other uses[edit]

3 (New York City Subway service), a service of the New York City Subway Three, a personality type of the Enneagram of Personality
Enneagram of Personality
typology Three-point field goal, a long shot in basketball Mazda3, a compact car BMW 3 Series MG 3 Qoros 3 Group 3 element, often written as III ③, see enclosed alphanumerics Threes, a game on the iPhone Threes, original title of the musical Company Samsung Galaxy 3, or i5800, an Android-powered smartphone by Samsung Electronics, released in 2010 Model 3 (other) Type 3 (other) Class 3 (other)

See also[edit]

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