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Thomas Gold Alvord (December 20, 1810 – October 26, 1897) was an American lawyer, merchant and politician. Throughout his political career he was known as Old Salt. Life[edit] He was born on December 20, 1810 in Onondaga, New York, to Elisha Alvord and Helen Lansing. His grandfather Thomas Gold Alvord was a soldier in the French and Indian War and served in the American Revolutionary War.[1] In 1813, the family moved to Lansingburgh, New York. He graduated from Yale College in 1828. Then he studied law with Thomas A. Tomlinson and George A. Simmons at Keeseville, New York, was admitted to the bar in 1832, and commenced practice at Salina, New York. In 1846, he became a lumber merchant.[1] He began his political career as a Democrat, joined the Free Soil Party in 1848, and was elected to the Assembly term of 1858 as a Democrat. In 1861, he became a War Democrat, chaired the Union Convention at Syracuse, was nominated to run for the Assembly, and was endorsed by the Republicans and elected without opposition. For the terms from 1864 to 1872, he was elected as a Republican. For the term of 1874, he was elected as an Independent, defeating the Republican incumbent.[1] He was a member from Onondaga County of the New York State Assembly in 1844, 1858, 1862, 1864, 1870, 1871, 1872, 1874, 1875, 1877, 1878, 1879, 1880, 1881 and 1882. He was Speaker in 1858, 1864 and 1879.[1] He was the Lieutenant Governor of New York from 1865 to 1866.[1] He was a delegate to the New York State Constitutional Conventions in 1867 and 1894,[2] and was chosen vice president on both occasions.[1] He died on October 26, 1897, in Syracuse, New York;[3] and was buried at the Oakwood Cemetery there. References[edit]

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New York Assembly

Preceded by Sidney Smith New York State Assembly Onondaga County, 2nd District 1858 Succeeded by Henry W. Slocum

Preceded by Austin Myers New York State Assembly Onondaga County, 2nd District 1862 Succeeded by Elizur Clark

Preceded by Elizur Clark New York State Assembly Onondaga County, 2nd District 1864 Succeeded by Daniel P. Wood

Preceded by James V. Kendall New York State Assembly Onondaga County, 1st District 1870–1872 Succeeded by William H. H. Gere

Preceded by William H. H. Gere New York State Assembly Onondaga County, 1st District 1874–1875 Succeeded by Allen Munroe

Preceded by Allen Munroe New York State Assembly Onondaga County, 1st District 1877–1882 Succeeded by James Geddes

Political offices

Preceded by DeWitt Clinton Littlejohn Speaker of the New York State Assembly 1858 Succeeded by DeWitt Clinton Littlejohn

Preceded by Theophilus C. Callicot Speaker of the New York State Assembly 1864 Succeeded by George Gilbert Hoskins

Preceded by David R. Floyd-Jones Lieutenant Governor of New York 1865–1866 Succeeded by Stewart L. Woodford

Preceded by James W. Husted Speaker of the New York State Assembly 1879 Succeeded by George H. Sharpe

Preceded by Erastus Brooks Minority Leader in the New York State Assembly 1882 Succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt

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Governors and Lieutenant Governors of New York


G. Clinton Jay G. Clinton Lewis Tompkins Tayler D. Clinton Yates D. Clinton Pitcher Van Buren Throop Marcy Seward Bouck Wright Young Fish Hunt Seymour Clark King Morgan Seymour Fenton Hoffman J. Adams Dix Tilden Robinson Cornell Cleveland Hill Flower Morton Black T. Roosevelt Odell Higgins Hughes White J. Alden Dix Sulzer Glynn Whitman Smith Miller Smith F. Roosevelt Lehman Poletti Dewey Harriman Rockefeller Wilson Carey M. Cuomo Pataki Spitzer Paterson A. Cuomo

Lieutenant Governors

Van Cortlandt S. Van Rensselaer J. Van Rensselaer Broome Tayler Clinton Tayler Swift Tayler Root Tallmadge Pitcher P. Livingston Dayan Throop Stebbins Oliver E. Livingston Tracy Bradish Dickinson Gardiner Lester Fish Patterson Church Raymond Selden Campbell Floyd-Jones Alvord Woodford Beach Robinson Dorsheimer Hoskins Hill McCarthy Jones Sheehan Saxton Woodruff Higgins Bruce Raines Chanler White Cobb Conway Glynn Wagner Schoeneck Walker Wood Lusk Lunn Lowman Corning Lehman Bray Poletti Hanley Wallace Hanley Moore Wicks Mahoney DeLuca Wilson Anderson Krupsak Cuomo DelBello Anderson Lundine McCaughey Donohue Paterson Bruno Skelos Smith Espada Ravitch Duffy Hochul

Italics indicate acting officeholders

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Speakers of the New York State Assembly

W. Livingston Bancker Hathorn Gelston Lansing Varick Lansing Verplanck Watts Watson North Verplanck Ten Broeck Osgood Storm Sheldon McCord Sheldon Wilkin North Sanford Ross Sheldon Van Rensselaer Emott Young Cruger Woods German Spencer P. Sharpe Romaine P. Livingston Goodell Crolius Young Root P. Robinson Root Davis C. Livingston Baker Humphrey E. Livingston Bradish G. Patterson Porter Chatfield Davis Litchfield Seymour Crain Hasbrouck Hadley Elderkin Pruyn (acting) Dininny (acting) Raymond Varnum Heartt Ludlow Pruyn Littlejohn O Robinson Littlejohn Alvord Littlejohn Raymond Callicot Alvord Hoskins Tremain Pitts Hitchman Younglove Hitchman H Smith Cornell Husted McGuire Husted Sloan Husted Alvord G. Sharpe C. Patterson Chapin Sheard Erwin Husted Cole Husted Sheehan Bush Sulzer Malby Fish O'Grady Nixon Wadsworth Frisbie Merritt A. Smith Sweet Machold McGinnies I. Steingut Ives Heck Carlino Travia Weinstein (acting) Duryea S. Steingut Fink Miller Tallon (acting) Weprin Silver Morelle (acting) Heastie

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