:''For the club in Kusatsu, Shiga, see MIO Biwako Kusatsu.'' is a professional Association football, football (soccer) club based in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture in Japan. The club plays in the J2 League, the second division of professional football in Japan.


The club was founded in 1995 in Kusatsu, Gunma, Kusatsu, one of the most well-known spa resorts in Japan, in 1995 as Liaison Kusatsu Football Club. The players were the students of specialized training college Higashi Nihon Soccer Academy. When the school was closed in 1999 due to financial difficulties, the players decided to stay in Kusatsu and keep the club alive. In 2002, the club was incorporated as K.K. Kusatsu Onsen Football Club with a future promotion to J. League in mind and adopted new team name , which name basically meant "The Spa, Kusatsu". Because of J. League restrictions on stadiums, they play at Shoda Shoyu Stadium Gunma (Shikishima Athletics Stadium) in nearby Maebashi, the prefectural capital since the club was promoted to J. League Division 2 from 2005 J. League Division 2, 2005 season. From 1 February 2013, the club has adopted the new name as "Thespakusatsu Gunma", to give out the impression of the club as representative of entire Gunma Prefecture, while still leaving the name of "Kusatsu" in it, as well as the logo of the club as is.

Current squad

''As of February 25, 2021''.

Record as J. League member

;Key *Tms. = Number of teams *Pos. = Position in league *Attendance/G = Average home league attendance * † 2020 season attendance reduced by COVID-19 worldwide pandemic *Source
J. League Data Site


* Ratko Stevović 1995–1997, 2000–2001 * Chikashi Suzuki 1998 * Naoki Kimura 1999 * Ryosuke Okuno 2002–2003 * Shigeharu Ueki 2004, 2006–2008 * Satoshi Tezuka 2005 * Toru Sano 2009 * Hiroshi Soejima 2010–2012 * Tadahiro Akiba 2013–2014 * Hiroki Hattori 2015–2016 * Hitoshi Morishita (footballer, born 1972), Hitoshi Morishita 2017 * Keiichiro Nuno 2018-2019 * Ryosuke Okuno 2020-


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