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THEODOR FRIEDRICH WILHELM POESCHE (23 March 1825 – 27 December 1899) was a German American anthropologist and author, specializing in historical anthropology.

Born in 1825 in Zoeschen (now part of Leuna ) in the Province of Saxony of the Kingdom of Prussia
Kingdom of Prussia
, Poesche became a student of philosophy at the University of Halle
University of Halle
and later a revolutionary. Following the disappointments of 1848, in 1850, he emigrated to the United States. In 1853, he published with Charles Goepp The New Rome, or The United States of the World, a book in which they compare the United States to the Roman Empire.

In 1878, he published The Aryans: A contribution to historical anthropology. Based on the physical characteristics attributed to Indo-Europeans (fair hair, blue or light eyes, tallness, slim hips, fine lips, a prominent chin) by the philologist Ludwig Geiger , Poesche placed the origin of the Aryans in the vast Rokitno Marshes , then in the Russian Empire
Russian Empire
, now covering much of the southern part of Belarus
and the north-west of the Ukraine
, where albinism was common. Similarly, he argued that the Lithuanian language
Lithuanian language
is as near to the parent language of Indo-European as Sanskrit
. Adding linguistic and archaeological arguments, Karl Penka later expanded the area of origin to include northern Germany and Scandinavia.

Poesche died in Washington on 27 December 1899.


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