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The World We Knew, also known as Frank Sinatra, is a 1967 studio album by American singer Frank Sinatra.[1] The title track reached #30 on the US Billboard Hot 100
Billboard Hot 100
chart and #1 on the Easy Listening chart in 1967, while the Frank/Nancy Sinatra duet "Somethin' Stupid" reached #1 on both charts.


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Allmusic [1]

The Allmusic review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Stephen Thomas Erlewine
awarded the album two and a half stars, and described it as "More of a singles collection than a proper album...Much of this has a rock-oriented pop production, complete with fuzz guitars, reverb, folky acoustic guitars, wailing harmonicas, drum kits, organs, and brass and string charts that punctuate the songs rather than provide the driving force...the songs Sinatra
tackles with a variety of arrangers are more ambitious than most middle-of-the-road, adult-oriented soft rock of the late '60s." Erlewine described "Drinking Again" as "exceptional, nuanced" and said that it "ranks among the best songs Sinatra
cut during the '60s." [1] Track listing[edit]

" The World We Knew (Over and Over)" (Bert Kaempfert, Herbert Rehbein, Carl Sigman) – 2:50 "Somethin' Stupid" (with Nancy Sinatra) (Carson Parks) – 2:45 "This Is My Love" (Jim Harbert) – 3:37 "Born Free" (Don Black, John Barry) – 2:05 "Don't Sleep in the Subway" (Tony Hatch, Jackie Trent) – 2:22 "This Town" (Lee Hazelwood) – 3:05 "This Is My Song" (Charles Chaplin) – 2:30 "You Are There" (Harry Sukman, Paul Francis Webster) – 3:31 "Drinking Again" (Johnny Mercer, Doris Tauber) – 3:13 "Some Enchanted Evening" (Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II) – 2:34


Carson Parks is also known as C. Carson Parks[2] Jim Harbert is also known as James Harbert[3] Lee Hazelwood is also known as Lee Hazlewood[4] Overdubs for “ The World We Knew (Over and Over)” recorded on June 30 and July 1, 1967[5] The Orchestra on ”Somethin’ Stupid” includes 10 Violins[2] Background Vocals on “Don’t Sleep in the Subway” recorded on July 27, 1967[6] Basic Backing Tracks for (and Overdubs for unreleased version of) “This Town” was recorded on June 30, 1967[4] Instrumental Overdubs for “This Town” recorded on July 27, 1967[4] The Orchestra on “You Are There” includes 16 Violins, 6 Cellos, 3 French Horns and 7 Saxophones & Woodwinds The Orchestra on “Drinking Again” includes 12 Violins[7] The Orchestra on Tracks 3-4 and 7 includes 21 Violins, 3 Cellos and 4 French Horns[3][8] The Orchestra on Tracks 3-4 and 7-8 includes 6 Violas[9][10] The Orchestra on Tracks 5, 8 and 10 includes 5 Trumpets[11] The Orchestra on Tracks 5 and 10 includes 8 Violins

Personnel[edit] Vocalists[edit]

Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra
- vocals (1-4, 6-10, lead on 5) Betty Jane Baker - background vocals (5)[6] Peggy Clark - background vocals (5) Gwenn Johnson - background vocals (5) Nancy Sinatra
Nancy Sinatra
- vocals (2)[2] Sally Stevens
Sally Stevens
- background vocals (5) Jackie Ward - background vocals (5) Gloria Wood - background vocals (5)


H. B. Barnum - arranger, conductor (10)[11] Ernie Freeman - arranger (1, 5, 7)[5], conductor (5, 7)[6][9] Gordon Jenkins - arranger (3-4, 8)[3][8], conductor (3-4, 7-8)[10] Claus Ogerman - arranger (9)[7], conductor (2, 9)[2] Billy Strange - arranger (2, 6)[4], conductor (1-2, 6, 8)


Bob Alexander - trombone (8)[10] Wayne Andre - trombone (8) Chuck Berghofer - string bass (1, 5-6, 10)[4][6][11], Fender bass (1)[5] Hal Blaine
Hal Blaine
- drums (2, 5-6, 9-10, additional on 1) Eddie Brackett Jr. - drums (4, 7, 9, overdubs on 6), percussion (4, 7, 9)[8][7][9] Dennis Budimir - guitar (1) Al Caiola - guitar (1, 6, 8) Glen Campbell
Glen Campbell
- guitar (2, 5-6, 10)[2] Frank Capp - percussion (5-6, 10) Alvin Casey - guitar (2, 5-6, 10) Roy Caton - trumpet (2, 9) Gary Chester - drums (1, 6, 8) Gary Coleman - additional percussion (1) Irv Cottler - drums, percussion (9) George Devens - percussion (1, 6, 8) Jesse Ehrlich - cello (5, 10) Nick Fatool
Nick Fatool
- drums, percussion (4, 7) Paul Faulise - bass trombone (8) Victor Feldman
Victor Feldman
- percussion (2, 5-6, 9-10) Stan Freeman - piano (1, 6, 8) Eric Gale
Eric Gale
- guitar (1, 6, 8) Bert Gassman - oboe (3-4, 7)[3] Bobby Gibbons - guitar (1) Arthur Gleghorn - flute (3-4, 7, 9) Bill Green - saxophone, woodwind (5, 10) Al Hendrickson - guitar (3-4, 7) Lloyd Hildebrand - bassoon (3-4, 7) Milt Hinton
Milt Hinton
- string bass (1, 8) Milt Holland - string bass (6), additional percussion (1) James Horn - saxophone, woodwind (5, 10) Harry Hyam - viola (5, 10) Dick Hyde - trombone (5, 10, additional on 1) Carol Kaye
Carol Kaye
- electric bass (2), string bass (1), Fender bass (1, 5-6, 10) Lawrence Knetchel - string bass (1, overdubs on 6), Fender bass (1) Robert Knight - bass trombone (5, 10) Arthur Koblentz - oboe (3-4, 7) Phil Kraus - percussion (1, 6, 8) Ronny Lang - clarinet (9) Donnie Lanier - guitar (1, 5-6, 10) Carl Lynch - guitar (1, 6, 8) Lew McCreary - trombone (5, 10, additional on 1) Michael Melvoin - piano (5-6, 10, overdubs on 6) Bill Miller - piano (2-5, 7, 10) Keith Mitchell - string bass (3-4, 7) Oliver Mitchell - trumpet (2, 9) Louis Morell - guitar (1, 5-6, 10) Buddy Morrow
Buddy Morrow
- trombone (8) Alex Neiman - viola (5, 10) Dick Noel - trombone (9) Donald Owens - piano (2) Ralph Peña - string bass (2) Bucky Pizzarelli
Bucky Pizzarelli
- guitar (1, 6, 8) Don Randi - additional piano (1) Morris Repass - trombone (5, 10) Blake Reynolds - clarinet (3-4, 7) Bobby Rosengarden - drums (1, 3-8, 10) Margaret Ross - harp (8) Ethmer Roten - flute, clarinet (3-4, 7) Joseph Saxon - cello (5, 10) Bud Shank
Bud Shank
- flute (9) Lou Singer - drums, percussion (4, 7) Wayne Songer - clarinet (3-4, 7) Ann Mason Stockton - harp (3-4, 7) Sheridon Stokes - flute, clarinet (3-4, 7) Toots Thielemans
Toots Thielemans
- harmonica, guitar (1, 6, 8) Moe Wechsler - piano (1, 6, 8)


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