''The Woman Accused'' is a 1933 American pre-Code drama film directed by Paul Sloane and starring Nancy Carroll and Cary Grant as a young engaged couple on a sea cruise, with the woman being implicated in the death of her former lover. The supporting cast includes Jack La Rue in a sequence opposite Grant in which the latter violently whips him.


* Nancy Carroll as Glenda O'Brien * Cary Grant as Jeffrey Baxter * John Halliday as Stephen Bessemer * Irving Pichel as District Attorney Clark * Louis Calhern as Leo Young * Norma Mitchell as Martha * Jack La Rue as Little Maxie * Frank Sheridan as Inspector Swope * John Lodge as Dr. Simpson * William J. Kelly as Captain of Boat * Harry Holman as Judge Osgood * Jay Belasco as Tony Graham * Gertrude Messinger as Evelyn Craig * Lona Andre as Cora Matthews

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