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Deutschkreutz (Hungarian: Sopronkeresztúr until 1899, Németkeresztúr Yiddish: צעלעם‎, translit. Zelem Croatian: Kerestur) is an Austrian market town in the district of Oberpullendorf in the state of Burgenland.


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Geography[edit] Deutschkreutz lies in Middle Burgenland. It is divided into the districts of Deutschkreutz and Girm. The town, like its neighbors Unterpetersdorf, Horitschon, and Neckenmarkt, is located in Blaufränkischland. History[edit] Deutschkreutz has been a market town since 1340 (no documention 1370-1429). The town belonged to Hungary as part of Sopron County until 1920/21. After the end of World War I, the territory was given to Austria by the Treaties of St. Germain and Trianon. Since 1921, the town has belonged to the newly founded State of Burgenland. In Jewish history, Deutschkreutz was one of the Seven Communities of Burgenland. Population[edit]

Historical population

Year Pop. ±%

1869 3,177 —    

1880 3,184 +0.2%

1890 3,646 +14.5%

1900 3,952 +8.4%

1910 3,891 −1.5%

1923 3,929 +1.0%

1934 4,220 +7.4%

1939 3,796 −10.0%

1951 3,852 +1.5%

1961 3,901 +1.3%

1971 3,673 −5.8%

1981 3,522 −4.1%

1991 3,327 −5.5%

2001 3,221 −3.2%

2011 3,136 −2.6%

Politics[edit] Deutschkreutz's mayor is Manfred Kölly who was expelled from the FPÖ in December 2006. Vice mayors are Mag. Robert Friedl of the SPÖ and Paul Fennes of the ÖVP. Its chief officer is Stefan Schöller. The mandate assignments in the Municipal Council (23 seats) are SPÖ 11, ÖVP 7, FPÖ 5, Grüne 0, and other lists 0.


Elizabeth Báthory Lajos Dóczi

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The Unprecedented Defence of the Fortress Deutschkreuz


^ Statistik Austria - Bevölkerung zu Jahresbeginn 2002-2016 nach Gemeinden (Gebietsstand 2016-01-01) for Deutschkreutz.

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