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The Trentonian
The Trentonian
is a daily newspaper serving Trenton, New Jersey, USA, and the surrounding Mercer County community. The paper has a daily circulation of slightly more than 30,000 and a Sunday circulation of less than 28,000. The paper is owned by Digital First Media,[1] a media company headquartered in Yardley, Pennsylvania, specializing in newspaper publishing, which owns 22 daily and 344 non-daily newspapers in the United States. In November 2008, DFM announced that some of its newspapers, including The Trentonian, were being put up for sale and the newspaper's daily price increased 43 percent, from 35 cents to 50 cents. Also, the company announced that The Trentonian
The Trentonian
would no longer be printed in Trenton beginning in January 2009. It will be printed at a JRC-owned facility in Exton, Pa., and delivered to Trenton. The Trentonian
The Trentonian
was known as a feisty, gritty tabloid from its start in 1946 when 40 members of the International Typographical Union
International Typographical Union
broke away from the (Trenton) Times to start their own paper.[2][3] When The Washington Post Company bought the Times in 1975, Katharine Graham vowed to make Trenton a one-paper town. She reportedly would later admit that Trenton was her "Vietnam."[4] The book Tabloid From Hell details what the author considers to be the decline of The Trentonian, with much of the blame directed at Robert M. Jelenic, DFM's former CEO, whom the author says spent too much time on discipline and trivial matters, not enough on quality journalism.[full citation needed] A Mary Walton interview in American Journalism Review was also critical of Jelenic.[5]


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Awards and recognition[edit] The 1974 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing was awarded to F. Gilman Spencer, editor of The Trentonian, "for his courageous campaign to focus public attention on scandals in New Jersey's state government".[6] Newspaper
management[edit] Edward S. Condra, Senior Publisher References[edit]

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