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The Shipley School
Shipley School
is a coeducational, independent, college-preparatory day school with approximately 850 students in pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. Shipley is located in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, approximately 12 miles west of Philadelphia.


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4 School Structure

4.1 Lower School 4.2 Middle school 4.3 Upper School

5 Student life

5.1 Athletics 5.2 The Arts 5.3 Extra-Curricular Activities

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History[edit] In 1888, three sisters—Hannah, Elizabeth, and Katharine Shipley—founded Shipley to prepare girls for Bryn Mawr College, located directly across the street. The Shipley sisters were strong-minded, well-educated Quaker
women and envisioned the school as far more than a mere finishing school. When the school opened in the Fall of 1894, with six students and nine faculty members, a philosophy of education was established that would guide the school for over a hundred years, up to the present time.[1] By the 1940s, Shipley had expanded its purpose and student body admitting approximately 341 students and sending its graduates to many traditional women's colleges. At this time, about half of all Upper School students were boarders hailing from all over the country and from Europe, Asia, Russia, the Middle East, and Latin America. During the 1970s and 1980s, Shipley discontinued its boarding department and began to admit male students. The last boarders graduated in 1982, and by 1984 the school was fully coeducational with equal numbers of girls and boys.[2] Starting in the 1990s, and increasingly since then, Shipley has augmented their traditional teaching methods and facilities with growing technological expertise and equipment. Shipley's curriculum, increasingly interdisciplinary and project-based, is designed specifically to give students the tools to succeed in college and in life in the 21st century.[3] Mission[edit]

The Shipley School, a Pre-Kindergarten - grade 12 coeducational day school, is committed to educational excellence and dedicated to developing in each student a love of learning and a compassionate participation in the world. Through a strong college preparatory curriculum in the humanities and sciences, the school encourages curiosity, creativity, and respect for intellectual effort. Shipley upholds and promotes moral integrity, a sense of personal achievement and worth, and concern for others at school and in the larger community.[4]

Campus[edit] In 2009, Shipley embarked on The Campaign for Shipley: Foundations for Success.[5] Phase 1[edit]

Purchase and razing of Thornbrook Manor apartment building

New campus entrance at Wyndon & North Merion Avenues

88-space parking garage and physical plant facility

Six (6) tennis courts

Two (2) multi-sport regulation-size artificial turf fields[6]

Phase II[edit]

23,000 square-foot Shipley Commons and Arts Center Renovation of the existing dining room in the Main building, which houses the new Learning and Research Center (multimedia library and research facility)[7]

Phase III[edit]

5,000 square-foot Squash Center 2,500 square-foot Rowing Center[8]

School Structure[edit] Lower School[edit] The Lower School enrolls about 239 students in Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade with an average class size of 15 students. Teachers are aided by full-time teaching assistant, providing a student-to-teacher ratio of seven-to-one. In recent years the Lower School has added a character development component to its curriculum, designed to encourage and instill compassionate, respectful, and principled behavior. The Lower School also offers:

An after-school program from three to six in the afternoon Private music lessons A drama club for fourth and fifth grade students[9][10]

Middle school[edit] The Middle School
Middle School
has about 301 students in grades six through eight. The average class size is 16. Students enroll in math, history, science, English, and foreign language (Latin and French, Mandarin, German or Spanish) courses. Students also complete coursework in computer literacy, studio art, theater, and music. In seventh grade, the curriculum includes the "Generations Project," a several-week-long program during which students research their heritage. Every spring the Middle School
Middle School
puts on a musical. Athletics change significantly during Middle School. In sixth grade, students have the option to participate in a physical education program or in an intra-school athletic league. In seventh and eighth grades, students are encouraged to join sports teams which compete against area schools. Middle School
Middle School
interscholastic boys' sports include soccer, basketball, squash, baseball, tennis, and lacrosse. Girls' sports include soccer, field hockey, tennis, volleyball, basketball, swimming, softball, and lacrosse. For many sports, students are subdivided into multiple teams based on ability.[11] Upper School[edit] The Upper School enrolls about 401 students in the ninth through twelfth grades. The average class size is 13 students. In most courses, students can choose to take either a standard or honors level. Prior to the 2009-2010 academic year, Shipley offered Advanced Placement courses in most subjects. Like many other independent schools, Shipley has discontinued its Advanced Placement
Advanced Placement
program to increase curricular latitude, although it still offers AP Studio Art. While in Upper School, students must take four English courses, three math courses, three courses in the same world language, two history courses (including US history), and two science courses. Every year, students must enroll in five of these "major courses," each of which meets six times during the seven-day rotation. However, students are permitted to take six major classes. Students may also take major courses in studio art, music theory, philosophy, art history, economics, film, or humanities. During junior year, students can elect to take an interdisciplinary American Studies course, which fulfills both a history and English requirement. Interdisciplinary courses, in which ideas expand across multiple academic disciplines, are very common at Shipley. A wide range of interdisciplinary courses are offered to students. Additionally, "minor courses," which meet once or twice a rotation, are required in music, art, and health. Minor courses in theater and public speaking are also offered.[12] Every Upper School student is required complete a minimum of forty hours of community service in order to graduate. During the last several weeks of senior year, students volunteer with an area service organization of their choice, in lieu of taking classes. College counseling is available to every senior and second semester junior. Students take a "minor course" taught by the college counseling office during their junior spring and senior fall semesters.[13] Student life[edit] Athletics[edit] Since the 2005-2006 school year, Shipley has competed in the Friends Schools League, which was founded in 1982 on the principles of the Religious Society of Friends. Abington Friends School, The Academy of the New Church, Friends' Central School, Friends Select School, George School, Germantown Friends School, Moorestown Friends School, and the Westtown School
Westtown School
are the other eight members of the conference. Shipley is the only member of the league that is not a religious school. Upper School students can choose from about 16 sports, most of which are offered at the varsity and junior varsity levels. Boys and girls compete on separate teams in the following sports: crew, soccer, cross country, tennis, basketball, squash, and lacrosse. The golf, cross country, and swimming teams are co-ed. Additionally, there is a boys baseball team and girls softball, field hockey, and volleyball teams. Students who are particularly engaged in a sport that Shipley does not offer, may, with permission, engage in an independent sport for credit. Students who do not participate in at least two sports per year, are required to take physical education courses.[14] Shipley's colors are blue and green, and its mascot is the Gator. In recent years, the gym's student section has been dubbed "The Swamp," the gator's natural habitat. Shipley teams have won 38 championships in the past 5 years.[15] The Arts[edit] Lower School students perform in plays throughout the year and sing in the chorus. Lower School students are also encouraged to participate in the advanced chorus, recorder ensemble, orchestra, and string ensemble. In Middle School, in addition to the chorus, the school offers handbell choirs, a wind ensemble, and a string ensemble. As of the 2009-2010 school year, students are no longer required to perform. The Middle School
Middle School
puts on a musical every spring. In Upper School, while students are not required to perform, there are many more offerings in music and theater. Vocal groups include the Glee Club and The Shipley Singers (a select co-ed a cappella group). Instrumental groups include a jazz band, string ensemble, handbell ensemble, and opportunities for chamber music.[16][17] Upper School students can choose from a number of theater offerings. Traditionally, the theater department puts on a series of one act plays in the fall and a musical in the spring. The Shakespeare Program, started in 2002, presents a selection of Shakespeare scenes in the fall semester and a full Shakespeare play in the spring semester.[18][19] In 2010 a Shipley production, When Lilacs Last, written by the school's theater director, was performed at both the New York and Philadelphia Fringe Festivals. Extra-Curricular Activities[edit] Shipley students participate in many different club, activities, and publications. An incomplete list is included below.

Action Research The Beacon, the student newspaper[20] Chess Club The Compass, the school's literary and visual arts publication Creative Writing Circle Current Events DECA Team Environmental Club Film Club Food Club Fashion Club Humans of Shipley International Club Investment Club Maker Space Math Club Media Club Music Club Ping-pong Politics and Debate Puzzle Club Random Acts of Kindness Science Olympiad Short Films Sprouts, a horticultural club which participates annually in the Philadelphia Flower Show[21] Strategy Game Club Student Council Studio Art Club Super Smash Brothers Yearbook
Club (Tempora Praeterita) Yoga and Meditation

School Profile[edit]

The school has 142 full- and part-time faculty members, 75 percent with graduate degrees. The student-to-faculty ratio is 7:1.[22] Minority students as a percent of the overall student body: 26%[23] Percent of students receiving financial aid: 31%[23] Most Common Colleges of Matriculation (2012-2016): Syracuse University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, George Washington University, Pennsylvania State University,[24]


Shipley is mentioned in J.D. Salinger's
J.D. Salinger's
novel The Catcher in the Rye. The protagonist, Holden Caulfield, believes Jane Gallagher to have gone to either Shipley or "B.M." which could be interpreted as Bryn Mawr. J.D. Salinger's
J.D. Salinger's
first wife, Claire Douglas, was a Shipley alumna. Shipley is also mentioned in Tad Friend's Cheerful Money: Me, My Family, and the Last Days of Wasp Splendor. Friend attended Shipley before matriculating to Harvard and later writing for The New Yorker. Synthpunk artist Adam Goren
Adam Goren
teaches chemistry and physics to Upper School students. Victoria Legrand
Victoria Legrand
of the dream pop duo Beach House
Beach House
is a Shipley graduate. Shipley's Debate and Public speaking teacher, Mr. Chew, votes for the Oscars. Shipley graduate Sarah Thomas wrote, directed, and acted in the 2012 movie Backwards. 2004 Shipley graduate, Katie Ermilio, is a fashion designer who was named one of Forbes' 30 under 30 and has had her collections featured in VOGUE and The Wall Street Journal.[25] Chris Comstock, or Marshmello, a popular EDM artist graduated from Shipley. Former Major League Lacrosse
Major League Lacrosse
MVP Kevin Crowley coaches lacrosse, soccer, and basketball at Shipley. Elvis Zhang, a Shipley graduate was recently listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for his company, Oxy2. [26]

External links[edit]

The Shipley School
Shipley School
Official Website


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