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THE SAVAGE GARDEN is the second novel written by British author Mark Mills . Set in 1958, the story tells of Cambridge student Adam Strickland and his trip to Tuscany
, Italy; which started off as a chance to study the old, Italian renaissance architecture of a garden owned by the aristocratic Docci family and results in Adam solving two murders: one from the 16th century and one just after World War II. His discoveries shake the entire lineage of the Docci clan including his love interest Antonella's life.


* ADAM STRICKLAND – the story's protagonist , an English student studying at The University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge
who goes to Tuscany
to study the Docci family's Villa. * SIGNORA FRANCESCA DOCCCI * MARIA DOCCI * MAURIZIO DOCCI * HARRY STRICKLAND – Harry is Adam's older, fun-loving brother. Harry is a sculptor who often gets into little problems and disagreements with people; resulting in Adam having to help him out of them on some occasions. * SIGNORA FANELLI – owner of The Pensione Amorini, the bar/restaurant above which Adam stayed. She is in a relationship with Fausto. * FAUSTO * PROFESSOR CRISPIN LEONARD – one of Adam's lecturers and (unbeknown to him) father of Emilio Docci. * MARIA – the housekeeper to the Docci Villa and a confidant to Signora Docci. Maria became a key player in keeping Signora Docci's plan from both Maurizio and Adam. * EMILIO DOCCI – Signora Docci's son and secretly fathered by Professor Leonard. He was killed by his half brother Maurizio. * CHIARA DOCCI – Maurizio's academic wife. * ANTONELLA - She is the granddaughter of Signora Docci and daughter of Caterina. She is a fashion designer and has played a mysterious character on a little flirtatious note with Adam. Later on, the love affair between Adam and her becomes strong, and they eventually end up together on a happy note. Mark Mills did a great job to raise suspicions around her character in a subtle way which somehow makes the protagonist, and the reader as well, believe that she deceived Adam.


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