The Revolt of the Cockroach People is a novel by Oscar Zeta Acosta. It tells the story of a Chicano lawyer, Buffalo Zeta Brown, written by his son, Oscar Zeta Acosta. Brown became involved with the Chicano movement when he moved to Los Angeles in 1968. He originally went to Los Angeles looking for a story to write. Brown wanted to write a book. He didn't want to work as a lawyer but that isn't the way it worked out. Brown spent three years with the Chicano Militants. This book goes behind the scenes of the radical Chicano movement in the barrio of Tooner Flats in East Los Angeles. The reader goes inside the group with Brown and becomes familiar with the various characters. Not only did Brown function as the groups' lawyer, he became one of them, helping to organize the protests and marches. His first march with the group was the protest at the Garfield School the day after he was introduced to them. He looked at what was happening and wondered what his role should be. The leaders were eventually indicted on charges of conspiracy to disrupt the schools. Brown defended them and eventually won.

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