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The Public Defender
The Public Defender
is a 1931 Pre-Code
crime film directed by J. Walter Ruben, starring Richard Dix
Richard Dix
and featuring Boris Karloff. Rich playboy Pike Winslow dons the mantle of 'The Reckoner', a mysterious avenger, when he learns that his lady friend Barbara Gerry's father has been framed in a bank embezzlement scandal. Using meticulous planning and split-second timing, Pike, along with his associates, the erudite 'Professor' and tough-guy scrapper 'Doc', attempt to find proof that will clear Gerry and identify the real culprits.


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Richard Dix
Richard Dix
as Pike Winslow Shirley Grey
Shirley Grey
as Barbara Gerry Purnell Pratt
Purnell Pratt
as John Kirk Ruth Weston as Rose Harmer Edmund Breese
Edmund Breese
as Frank Wells Frank Sheridan
Frank Sheridan
as Charles Harmer Alan Roscoe
Alan Roscoe
as Inspector Malcolm O'Neil Boris Karloff
Boris Karloff
as 'Professor' Nella Walker
Nella Walker
as Aunt Matilda Paul Hurst as 'Doc' Carl Gerard as Cyrus Pringle Robert Emmett O'Connor
Robert Emmett O'Connor
as Detective Brady Phillips Smalley
Phillips Smalley
as Thomas Drake (as Phillip Smalley)

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Boris Karloff
Boris Karloff


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