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The Pilgrim Lady is a 1947 American comedy crime film directed by Lesley Selander
Lesley Selander
and starring Lynne Roberts, Warren Douglas and Alan Mowbray.[1]


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Lynne Roberts
Lynne Roberts
as Henrietta Rankin aka Iris Fabian Warren Douglas as Dennis Carter Alan Mowbray
Alan Mowbray
as Clifford Latimer Veda Ann Borg
Veda Ann Borg
as Eve Standish Clarence Kolb
Clarence Kolb
as Prof. Rankin Helen Freeman as Aunt Phoebe Doris Merrick as Millicent Rankin Russell Hicks
Russell Hicks
as Thackery Gibbs Ray Walker as Blackie Reynolds Charles Coleman as Noel Carlyle Blackwell Jr. as Wayne Talbot III Harry Cheshire
Harry Cheshire
as Dr. Bekins Dorothy Christy
Dorothy Christy
as Nell Brown Paul E. Burns as Oscar Tom Dugan as Workman Jack Rice as Hotel Clerk William 'Billy' Benedict
William 'Billy' Benedict
as Bellboy William Haade
William Haade
as Cab Driver Bob Alden as Bellboy Lois Austin as Lizette Bobby Barber
Bobby Barber
as Elevator Operator Mary Field as Telephone Operator Shirley Karnes as Secretary Donald Kerr as Silent Waiter Max Linder as Hotel Doorman Harold Miller as Escort Beverlee Mitchell as Bacall-Type John S. Roberts as Elevator Operator Robert J. Wilke
Robert J. Wilke
as Doorman


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Republic Pictures
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