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The Gun Runners is a 1958 film noir crime film directed by Don Siegel, is the third adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's novel To Have and Have Not, starring Audie Murphy
Audie Murphy
and Patricia Owens.[1] Everett Sloane essays the part of the alcoholic sidekick originally played by Walter Brennan in the film's first adaptation, although Sloane's interpretation is less overtly comic. Eddie Albert
Eddie Albert
delivers a bravura performance as a charismatic villain; other cast members include Jack Elam and Richard Jaeckel. Gita Hall, "Miss Stockholm of 1953", made her film debut as Albert's girlfriend Eva. The earlier remake, titled The Breaking Point (1950), was directed by Michael Curtiz
Michael Curtiz
and starred John Garfield.


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Plot[edit] Sam Martin (Audie Murphy) runs a charter boat with his alcoholic first mate Harvey (Everett Sloane). He is forced by financial necessity to run guns for some revolutionaries. Cast[edit]

Audie Murphy
Audie Murphy
as Sam Martin Everett Sloane
Everett Sloane
as Harvey Eddie Albert
Eddie Albert
as Hanagan Patricia Owens as Lucy Martin Gita Hall
Gita Hall
as Eva Carlos Romero as Carlos Contreras Paul Birch as Sy Phillips Herb Vigran
Herb Vigran
as Freddy, aka "Baldy", bar proprietor Peggy Maley
Peggy Maley
as Blonde Barfly Jack Elam
Jack Elam
as Arnold John Qualen
John Qualen
as Pop, pawnbroker-casino operator John Harding as Peterson, fishing customer Stephen Peck as Pepito, singer-rebel leader Ted Jacques as Commander Walsh Richard Jaeckel
Richard Jaeckel
as "Buzurki", blond henchman on boat

Production[edit] This was the first feature from the fledgling Seven Arts Productions. Director Don Siegel was unhappy with having to use Audie Murphy
Audie Murphy
in the lead role.[2] See also[edit]

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Audie Murphy
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